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It seems Google is rarely out of the headlines, and the company’s recent work on a spate of new technologies has attracted no shortage of comment. Unfortunately for the internet giant, not all of that coverage has been particularly glowing – in fact, the widespread derision meted out to its Google Glass device (and its… Read more »

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Creative employment is at an all time high in the UK.  The Creative Industries now account for 1 in 12 jobs; a growth of 2.6% since 2011, 1% higher than the economy as a whole. And 2015 looks set to be another successful year.  So career prospects are finally on the up! This, and a… Read more »

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There was brilliant news for the Creative Industries last week, as figures released by the Department of Culture, Media & Sports show the sector was worth a record breaking £76.9 billion to the UK economy in 2013.  The sector’s accelerated growth is an exciting prospect; in part one of this post we’ll take a look… Read more »

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In case you didn’t know, today (January 15th) is Get to Know Your Customer Day. No doubt we’ve all had our fair share of experiences of bad customer service, which only serves to make us more appreciative of genuinely good service. Here at Lakestar McCann, we take a very keen interest in building up strong… Read more »

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From Mary McCoy’s dire Ode to the internet, “Let’s get social” to viral binge drinking with neck nominations, social media saw its fair share of tragedy in 2014. But it wasn’t all bad; in this post we’ll take a look at some of the highs and lows from last year’s social media offering and think about what we can… Read more »

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He’s achieved worldwide domination by accumulating over two billion users on social network Facebook, but now it’s time for the site’s co-founder to conquer another type of book – with Mark Zuckerberg aiming to read a new book every fortnight as part of his New Year’s resolution. Setting himself the goal of expanding his literary… Read more »

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Each year, Google’s Year in Search report reveals just what we’ve been searching for online over the preceding 12 months. Of course, there are a few caveats to bear in mind here – one of which is that Google isn’t the dominant search engine in some countries (as hard as this might be for us… Read more »

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Google is planning to branch out even further by creating features for kids. With technology evolving every day and children as young as two learning to use gadgets such as iPads and iPhones (I feel old knowing that I got my first phone at 12, it was a Nokia 3410 and it was excellent) but… Read more »

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In an age where digital reigns, consumers have a big role to play in brand influence. The increased popularity of social media networks, as well as online review platforms, leaves brands completely exposed and at the whim of their customers, both past, present and future. After all, trust in a brand is essential if you’re… Read more »