• Sitting in a crowded room until a hush descends upon its participants, the historic neo-Gothic architecture of Manchester’s historic Town Hall is the last place you would expect one of the UK’s leading forward-thinking technology conferences to take up residence in. But just as FutureEverything is full of surprises, so is its line-up – ranging […]… Read Article
  • Ever since Penguin rolled out, there has been a lot of concern from the SEO community about the potential for “negative SEO”. SEOs like myself have been kept awake at night with imaginary post-apocalyptic scenarios featuring rogue bands of spammers causing wanton destruction on the link profiles of their competitors. We’ve seen a few cases […]… Read Article
  • As a leading digital agency we need to keep ahead of the game, not just for our clients, but also for the colleagues who work with us. We recently carried out a quick vox pop to find out what makes everyone tick, and a whopping 90% of respondents said they loved the people they work […]… Read Article
  • When you think of Google, what comes to mind? Is it their brilliant Google Doodles that celebrate key events in history, or their revolutionary Google Glass technology? Gracing the online (and offline) world with such a wide range of innovations, there’s a reason why Google is the world’s most popular search engine – so we decided to send two of our employees to Google’s London headquarters to find out more… Read Article
  • My foray into SEO first began during my position at my local Oxfam; my responsibilities were to update their Facebook and Twitter with current affairs of the not-for-profit organisation. This interest in use of social media led to me casting a wider net into the realms of digital marketing. Prior to my start at Lakestar, […]… Read Article
  • Last night was a first for the Offsite Optimisation team. We went bowling! Not just any kind of bowling, but #Mancdigibowl’ing. Although we didn’t win (I’ll break it to you early) we did have a great time. Manual Link Building and Melbourne server hosting, along with the help of Don’t Panic Projects, had organised a […]… Read Article
  • Word on the (New York) street is that Manchester’s secret digital project, dubbed ‘Project Digital’ or ‘Tomorrow’ will kick start in earnest within weeks.   It’s still no clearer who the main firm behind the consortium is, but many commentators have pointed to Apple. The technology, which is understood to have suffered numerous technical setbacks […]… Read Article
  • Anyone and everyone with access to a computer nowadays is likely to be familiar with the term ‘blogging’. In fact, many of us even have our own blog or contribute to an existing blog, and those who don’t write themselves happily spend hours reading, liking, commenting on and sharing other blogs. If you ask those […]… Read Article