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Google is planning to branch out even further by creating features for kids. With technology evolving every day and children as young as two learning to use gadgets such as iPads and iPhones (I feel old knowing that I got my first phone at 12, it was a Nokia 3410 and it was excellent) but… Read more »

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In an age where digital reigns, consumers have a big role to play in brand influence. The increased popularity of social media networks, as well as online review platforms, leaves brands completely exposed and at the whim of their customers, both past, present and future. After all, trust in a brand is essential if you’re… Read more »

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You may or may not be aware that Google recently launched a new service offering users the chance to take out a monthly subscription for ad-free online browsing. Google’s Contributor service was quietly rolled out last month as part of a limited trial, and outside of the technology press seems to have been greeted with… Read more »

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For those who are fans of Google, you may be feeling anything but lucky right now – as it’s been reported that Firefox will now feature Yahoo instead of Google as its default search engine. The tech heavyweight explained that it would unveil a “clean, modern and immersive design” search engine for users of Firefox… Read more »

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Twitter has announced that it now holds an index of every tweet ever sent since the site launched in 2006, and has made the fruits of this work publicly available. Hailed by Yi Zhuang and Paul Burstein, two of the team responsible for this Herculean collation task, as “a major infrastructure investment and part of… Read more »

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One of Google’s top executives has dropped a fresh hint about where the tech giant may be going next as part of its seemingly unquenchable thirst for new gadgets and gizmos. Apparently not content with driverless cars, augmented reality technology and various other bits and pieces, Google now apparently wants to stick a finger in… Read more »

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The peak shopping period of Black Friday and Cyber Monday will soon be upon us, which in turn, means the perfect opportunity for businesses to improve their rankings and sales. It’s a renowned tradition that Black Friday (28th November – the day after Thanksgiving) is the best day to grab a bargain, with several keen… Read more »

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Have you ever wondered how long ads have been popping up on your screen? Well it may seem like forever, but that’s probably because it seems like technology has been around forever – it hasn’t, believe it or not but there was once a world without tablets and smartphones. Awful to think about, I know…. Read more »

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YouTube has been exploring the idea of introducing a subscription service which will allow users to skip ads – finally, I can hear you all saying, but it’s paid, so you’ll have to decide whether or not you use YouTube enough to justify paying the subscription fee, or whether you’re happy to continue watching the… Read more »