Announcing a new Google feature on your company blog before Google announces it? If me or one of my colleagues tried to do this on purpose, it would most likely not work. Of course, we all make observations about certain things we notice with the Search Engines, but to actually make an announcement ahead of […]… Read Article
I was somewhat critical of the changes that occured to FeedBurner since it was completely migrated over to Google. Some features, however, were “tweaked”. There was a chance previously to see the countries and cities that sent visits to the site and feed. The site statistics in FeedBurner has now been disabled, but the feed […]… Read Article
We have just debuted on SlideShare (find us and fave us), and we hope to make our contribution to the community a valuable one. So, we started by analysing blog queries and found out that quite a few people were wondering about how to add RSS feeds from external blogs to Facebook pages. We seized […]… Read Article