Many SEO analysts and website managers are likely to have experienced difficulty with the recent raft of changes that have been made to Google’s account services, which have come along with the implementation of Google Plus. One such example would be the way in which Google’s privacy options now influence the information that they have […]… Read Article
And use of news searches surges ahead Worldwide search statistics compiled by Google Analytics show that 2009 has been the year of natural search as, for the first time, it has generated consistently greater traffic than paid search. But there is also a clear divide emerging from the Google Analytics figures. They show that there […]… Read Article
With the recession continuing to be uppermost in many people’s minds, there should be little surprise that one area of internet search which is booming is for discount vouchers, according to research reported in the Financial Times. Internet searches in the UK for “discount vouchers” grew by 47.5 per cent in the year since last […]… Read Article