Executives at AOL have confirmed plans to shut down social networking site Bebo if a buyer cannot be found. The site has found itself unable to compete in the marketplace thanks to pressure from much larger competitors such as Facebook. In a memo sent to employees yesterday, the company said: “Bebo, unfortunately, is a business […]… Read Article
AOL has announced it is partnering with social networking site Facebook in order to revamp its instant messaging service. According to a report by the Associated Press, the deal concerns AOL’s instant messaging service, AIM,  which will now let users chat directly with friends on Facebook. A new version of AIM will be available to […]… Read Article
Divorced after eight years - TimeWarner announces date for final split from AOL Time will be called on the biggest media merger in the world, and one-time symbol of the dot.com boom - the coming together of Time Warner and AOL - when the former sells off its erstwhile partner in early December 2009. According […]… Read Article
Online fashion retailers have seen an overall 31% increase in traffic over the past 12 months, which has highlighted a massive gap with just a 1% increase for traditional catalogue companies. This last statistics comes from the released ‘Engaging Online with the Empowered Customer’ report by Experian. It also found that many retailers were still […]… Read Article
AOL has unveiled its new Olympic Games campaign site, which includes exclusive and targeted content from former British Olympians Sharron Davies and Derek Redmond. The site will include daily news updates and information from the Beijing Games, with experts Davies and athlete Redmond providing comment and predictions. Quote: Nina Vanneck, AOL Europe’s director of sport, […]… Read Article