25 Websites You Don’t Need To Know About But Should Anyway

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The internet is a veritable garden of assorted sites – a happy mixture of invention, information and possibility. Everyone will have had a different browsing experience and whilst mainstays such as Google, Youtube and Facebook will be at the forefront of the general users visits, there are some real gems out there that deserve your… Read more »

Complainant in EU Google anti-trust case warns of ‘vampire effect’ of search giant’s dominance

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The boss of a company which is taking on Google in the European courts in an effort to clear up suspicions of anti-competitive practices says new scientific evidence shows that Google's placing of images in advertisements for its own products on search results pages means they attract up to 80 per cent of the clicks… Read more »

Twitter steps up its search capabilities

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A predictive 'auto-complete' function, similar to that used by Google's search engine, is among a raft of changes which Twitter has announced to its search facility. This was just one of a series of changes which the microblogging site has introduced. Others include letting users search only tweets posted by people they follow, and search… Read more »

SEO search secrets uncovered

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Search engine optimisation – to some it's the key to unlocking the potential of the internet, while to far more it's probably a closed book. But a Spanish SEO company has just shed some light on this mysterious and changing art of helping people and companies make as much noise as possible on the leading… Read more »

Online spending rises 10 times faster than overall ad budgets

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Spending on online advertising in the UK has grown 10 times faster in the past year than the overall amount dedicated to all forms of ads. The amount spent on all forms of online advertising rose by 11.1 per cent in the first quarter of 2012, compared with the same period a year earlier. Yet… Read more »

Facebook email glitches attract users’ anger

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Facebook has been forced to deal with a number of technical problems, just days after it upset many members by issuing new '@facebook.com' email addresses. The change obscured any other email addresses which members had made visible on their accounts. Some rivals saw this as an attempt by Facebook to get users to switch over… Read more »

This was going to be a post on SEO, but then I looked at cat pictures…

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I swear, everything on the internet eventually leads to cats. A productive day at work can instantly be sidetracked by the hilarity of cats. Any cat can achieve viral status on the internet and no one would be angry or sick of it – but why? If you’re a habitual internet user, like myself, you’re… Read more »

Firms in dark over co-ordinating their online messages, survey finds

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A quarter of British businesses feel their efforts to get their messages across to customers are being hampered by their lack of a clear strategy for communicating with them through digital channels. Only one in three marketing people working in the retail and general business sectors believed they were 'excellent' or 'good' at getting marketing… Read more »

Marketers embracing social media but failing to integrate it

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Big companies rushing into social media, as a result of not wanting to be seen as getting left behind by their competitors, are failing to integrate their efforts with their other marketing channels. According to a report by directories publisher Thomson Local, many companies are losing out on the potential of social media, because they… Read more »