Failure to tap into customer power online costs retailers billions

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While many British retailers are benefiting greatly from upping their internet presence, and giving people more ways to buy online, they are missing a trick when it comes to capitalising on 'customer power'. A report by social commerce specialists nToklo suggests that half of the 101 biggest retailers ranked by online sales volumes do not… Read more »

John Lewis looks to link with firms for click and collect service

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Department store chain John Lewis is looking for partners to carry out the donkey work as it looks to expand its 'click and collect' service. The aim is to offer the service in parts of the UK where the staff-owned retailer does not already have a presence. According to Marketing magazine, click and collect is… Read more »

Twitter user @NatWest caught up in bank chaos

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Unfortunate Twitter user Natalie Westerman no doubt thought that the username @NatWest was a suitably snappy way by which to be known on the microblogging website. But the 22-year-old teacher has been forced to re-think, after becoming the target of a torrent of angry messages when the bank's IT systems suffered a massive meltdown over… Read more »

More changes to come after Google revamps Adwords

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The most widely used, and profitable, online advertising platform, AdWords by Google, has a new interface, designed to make drawing up ads, and analysing their effectiveness, easier and clearer. Google said it set out to make the data it gathered on the performance of online advertising campaigns easier to access

Call for stricter rules on online booze sales

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Many websites selling alcohol have few or no measures in place to check the age of their buyers, a study has shown. And in the light of the findings by the University of Plymouth, some senior drinks industry figures are calling for online retailers to be forced to become as vigilant as staff in bricks… Read more »

Data analysis for SEO – the important bits

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The ability to evaluate information is critical to SEO, social media, and web marketing, and it’s often something that people do badly, not because of any real failing on their part, but simply because many of us come from a background that doesn’t give us a chance to practice or experience this kind of stuff… Read more »

Lakestar Media have moved!

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Just under 2 years ago, Lakestar Media made the move from Manchester city centre to Old Trafford, and now, we’re back! We’ve now taken up residence on the 18th floor of City Tower in Piccadilly Plaza and we couldn’t be happier. With ample space for expansion, a more functional working environment, ideal meeting rooms, an… Read more »

Microsoft unveils new tablet computers

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Microsoft has announced the arrival of two tablets, touchscreen computers running the firm's Windows 8 and RT operating systems. Executives unveiled the devices at an event in Hollywood. Consumers will be able to choose to have one running an ARM-based processor and Windows RT, or one with a third-generation Intel Core processor, running Windows 8… Read more »

The Top 10 Relics of the Internet

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The internet, as we know it, is a relatively old creature now – we all know that a primitive version existed way back in the 1950s with point-to-point communication, but it wasn’t until the mid-1990s that it gained a commercial and public significance. And in these tumultuous two decades, we’ve had the highs and the… Read more »

Are the new Top Level Domains really worth it?

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Technology news this week has been dominated by the response to Icann’s (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) decision to make new TLD’s (Top Level Domains) available for purchase rather than the second level domains that have previously been made available. The new TLD’s require a minimum £118,000 registration fee, but several have received… Read more »