Digital Shoreditch 2015: Celebrating Outstanding Creativity

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A Blues soundtrack plays in a purple-lit room, while a cat wearing a moustache takes up residence in the screen in front of me – which can only mean one thing: it’s Digital Shoreditch. Men and women circulate Shoreditch Town Hall with their heads down, engrossed in their phones as they seek out the next… Read more »

The top 4 April Fools’ Day pranks in digital marketing

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Remember that time Google introduced Gmail Paper? How about when the BBC reported that Big Ben (sorry – Elizabeth Tower) was to have its clock hands removed and be replaced with a digital screen? If you believed either of these claims, then congratulations/commiserations – you just fell victim to April Fools’ Day. And this year… Read more »

Online Shopping And Consumer Rights: How New Rules Affect Our Clients

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As more and more people take their shopping activities online, it’s no surprise that with such a vast amount of customers and retailers operating on a digital platform, regulations need to be set to ensure a fair and safe environment – both for shoppers as well as merchants. That’s why the recent announcement of the… Read more »

#GoogleDoodle Commemorates 96th Birthday Of Nelson Mandela

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As one of the biggest names online, it made sense to celebrate one of the biggest names offline – with Google’s latest doodle honouring the 96th birthday of the revolutionary South African president and anti-apartheid icon, Nelson Mandela. Affectionately known as Madiba, this political visionary did more than lead a nation – he stood up… Read more »

Top 7 Animals That The Next Google Update Might Be Named After

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What do a panda and a penguin have in common? Other than beginning with ‘p’, they also share the same digital presence – in the form of the infamous algorithm updates, courtesy of Google. While the updates go by the moniker of well-loved creatures, unfortunately these animal-themed updates are often met with confusion and dread… Read more »

DigiHood: Digital Professionals Coming Together In The Manchester Neighbourhood

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Yesterday saw the first DigiHood event take place, in the trendy neighbourhood of Manchester’s Northern Quarter – and it didn’t disappoint. The brainchild of our very own Chris Langan, he decided to create a meetup for like-minded digital marketing experts based in Manchester; in the hope of broadening their professional horizons as well as establishing… Read more »

Manchester Day: Our Top 10 Favourite Things About The City

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Affectionately known as the UK’s ‘second city’, Manchester is more than just a location – it’s a landmark. Given its rich history (the Industrial Revolution) and its pioneering roots (such as the inspiring Father of Modern Computer Science, Alan Turing), there’s so much to celebrate about the North’s most famed city: which is exactly what… Read more »

Savvy at SAScon: Day 2 Of The Search, Analytics and Social Media Conference

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Savvy at SAScon: Day 2 Of The Search, Analytics and Social Media Conference You’ll be pleased to hear that we were extremely well behaved and stayed away from the infamous SAScon Jaegertrain, as we wanted to be on our best behaviour for round two of SAScon! With anticipation (and hangovers) in the air, we bagged… Read more »

Sussing out SAScon: Day 1 Of The Search, Analytics and Social Media Conference

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Manchester has long been the home of an innovative idea – mention the greats of Alan Turing and Sir John Alcock, and it’s not surprising to see why this city has become one of the most coveted locations in the UK. That’s why as we sat in the award-winning eco-inspired headquarters of Manchester Metropolitan University’s… Read more »