Making it in marketing: how to kick-start your digital career

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Looking for work can be tough in what is an ultra-competitive jobs market. Some will have a blueprint for their future career mapped out from the start, while others will leave one profession behind to try their hand at something entirely new. But however you go about finding work, it’s important to be open to… Read more »

EU hits out at Google over ‘anti-competitive’ conduct

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The seemingly interminable row between the European Union and Google has reared its head once more, after the US search giant was yet again accused of monopolistic and anti-competitive conduct. It was revealed last Wednesday that the EU’s competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager had filed a complaint over Google’s promotion of its own shopping links in… Read more »

Industry experts talk search and mobile at Brighton SEO

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If you know anything about search, then you’ll no doubt be intimately familiar with Brighton SEO. Within the space of a few years, this search conference has firmly established itself as one of the must-attend events in SEO – and last week (April 9th and 10th), search aficionados from all over the UK and beyond… Read more »

Digital media set to account for half of UK ad spend

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The UK is set to become the first country where digital media account for half of all expenditure on advertising, according to a recent study from market researcher eMarketer. Published last week, eMarketer’s report estimates that UK firms will spend fractionally more than £16.2bn on spreading the word to consumers – via print media, broadcast… Read more »

New age rating system for Android apps

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After a protracted debate, Google has finally confirmed that it is to introduce tighter quality control checks for Android apps. The tech giant’s light-touch attitude to Android apps has earned it much criticism in recent years, and now it seems that the critics in the blogosphere and the media have finally forced some meaningful concessions…. Read more »

Apple’s Watch launches in a blaze of publicity

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After months of eager anticipation and increasingly feverish media speculation, Apple has finally unveiled its long-awaited Watch in a typically glitzy transatlantic event staged in both San Francisco and Berlin. Apple’s fan base might be renowned for its enthusiasm, but even the most dedicated Apple-head might have a hard time scraping together the cash to… Read more »

Why aren’t we satisfied with social media?

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Although social media have undoubtedly become something close to an obsession for many of us, it still seems that a lot of people are distinctly dissatisfied with their overall social media experience. The latest evidence for this comes in the form of a new survey of US consumers, which found that social media platforms performed consistently poorly… Read more »

The ‘right to be forgotten’ – what’s so controversial?

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There’s been a huge kerfuffle in recent weeks about the so-called ‘right to be forgotten’; in other words, the right of an individual to delete personal data so that they can no longer be traced by third parties. Privacy campaigners, freedom of speech advocates, legal experts and politicians are still trying to get to grips… Read more »

What you need to know about Google Panda 4.0

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Since 2011, Google’s Panda filter has been toiling away at whittling down the number of low-quality sites and ensuring that the highest-quality results appear higher up in search rankings. Last month, Google started wheeling out the filter’s latest update, Panda 4.0, with the aim of further improving the quality of its search results. This might… Read more »

Botnet KO brings massive drop in spam email

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A cyber-threat which generated nearly 20 per cent of the world's spam email has been taken offline, intelligence officers announced yesterday. The Grum botnet was isolated from servers in Russia, the Netherlands and Panama, security experts from Fireeye reported on their website The automated program was found to be the third largest ever created, and… Read more »