Five Things You Need To Know About Digital Marketing

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Yes, yet another top 5 list. I do love them. Now, this is likely going to be the last post I do for the Lakestar McCann blog, so as a farewell, let’s do a final piece on the five key things I’ve learnt during my 2 years and 8 months in digital marketing.   5.  I know… Read more »

The Top Five Hashtags of 2012

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Ugh, hashtags. Recently voted as word of the year, ‘Hashtag’ has become a prevailing way to figure out what is popular and what is likely to become viral – it would appear that investigating what is currently trending on Twitter often dictate what becomes news. This can be seen with the recent (and depressing) hashtag… Read more »

So… Are Instagram Selling Our Pictures Or Not?

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It’s been a while since I’ve seen a company fall from public favour as quickly as Instagram recently have done. After being purchased by Facebook for a cool $1bn in September, it enjoyed a growth in traffic and success… then in December; it cut ties with Twitter as it wanted “its users to view their… Read more »

Brand or Non-Brand Links – Which Should Be Your Focus?

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Before anyone gets their hopes up – I’m not going to be giving the definitive answer on either, as both links warrant their own merits and focusing purely on one would be naïve. Anyway, now that’s out of the way, let’s crack on with the pro’s, con’s and quirks of each. When I first started… Read more »

The Most Influential Viral Videos On YouTube – Part 2

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And after the thrill ride that was Part 1, we come hurtling onto Part 2 of the most influential viral videos on YouTube. I think the best part of writing this is colleagues coming to my desk and asking what on earth I’m doing.   Charlie Schmidt’s Keyboard Cat! – 28,156,086 views Case in point –… Read more »

The Most Influential Viral YouTube Videos – Part 1

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Once again, I find myself talking about YouTube, and with good cause – it’s perhaps one of the biggest forms of social media outside of Facebook and Twitter and holds so many video gems that you can’t ignore it. And with it being owned by Google, there’s definitive power within. However, predicting what’s going to… Read more »

Social Signals May Not Be The Game-Changer, But Social Search Is

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As a former link builder, I feel I’m okay to proclaim that traditional link building strategies are an aged tactic within SEO that no longer commands the power it once held. But why is this? Again, we come back to the two words that have haunted my dreams since 2006… social media. But more specifically,… Read more »

The Social Strategies of Re-Elected President of the United States, Barack Obama

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Firstly, huge congratulations go to Barack Obama for a second win in the US Election, made this blog writer feel a sense of happiness about our American brethren… However, how did Obama get there? With a super-storm disrupting the campaign trail and a large amount of public appearances from both parties, what was the tipping… Read more »

The Best and Worst Marketing Behind Horror Movies

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When I went to see Sinister, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect – the marketing seems to have been relatively tame and the actual plot was fairly unclear. Granted, I’d actively avoided finding out about it, however most marketing campaigns force you to find something about it. That being said, I’d seen the trailer,… Read more »