Laptop computers complete with a broadband internet connection are set to be handed out to over a quarter of a million low-income households in Britain. The announcement was originally made in 2008 by Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who hopes the move to provide free internet access to 270,000 homes will help improve children’s exam results […]… Read Article
Council leaders have proposed making access to a fast broadband connection a legal right in the UK. The idea has been put forward by the Local Government Association (LGA), and would see high-speed internet access, like water and gas, covered by legislation guaranteeing its supply to every home in the country. A report in the […]… Read Article
Government plans to slash the number of people illegally sharing copyrighted material online could cost consumers up to £500million. As part of the Digital Economy Bill due to be passed through parliament in the coming months, Labour is intent on reducing the amount of people using peer-2-peer technology to illegally share films and music. A […]… Read Article
The BBC Trust has given its provisional backing to a scheme to develop an Internet Protocol Television standard - which would lead to on-demand services being available through televisions. Telecoms firms BT and The Carphone Warehouse and broadcasters ITV, Channel Four, Five and now the BBC, will all work in partnership on the scheme known […]… Read Article
UK consumers are among the most tech-savvy in the world according to a new report by telecoms watchdog, Ofcom. The survey compared Britain’s use of digital technology with 11 other major economies including France, Germany, Ireland and the USA, and the four fast growing economies of Brazil, India, Russia and China. It found Britain has the […]… Read Article
The UK is trailing when it comes to access to next-generation broadband, new figures show. According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the UK is placed 21st out of 30 in terms of speed – below countries such as Greece and Portugal. A report issued following an OECD conference on “empowering e-consumers”, […]… Read Article
People living right across east Africa are poised to join the high-speed internet revolution, with the completion of work on a new undersea cable connecting the region with the rest of the world. The East African Marine System (Teams) is backed by several governments, and it is hoped that its launch will help resolve people's […]… Read Article