Google City Experts Manchester: The Launch

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In a bid to compete with reviewing services such as Yelp and bring local business ratings and reviews under the Google+ branding, Google pushed out its City Experts program last year. The concept was simple: to encourage city socialites to review local establishments. As a reward, reviewers received exclusive access to events, goodies and a… Read more »

Negative SEO: Easier Than You Might Think?

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Ever since Penguin rolled out, there has been a lot of concern from the SEO community about the potential for “negative SEO”. SEOs like myself have been kept awake at night with imaginary post-apocalyptic scenarios featuring rogue bands of spammers causing wanton destruction on the link profiles of their competitors. We’ve seen a few cases… Read more »

The Top 10 Search Engines (5-1)

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Well, after an unfortunate encounter where I accidentally installed MyWebSearch onto my home computer (which, might I remind you all, is a bad idea), I’ve realised how much I actually appreciate the more popular search engines. It’s no surprise as to who the top spot will go to, but let’s humour ourselves and pretend that… Read more »

Battle Of The Browsers and The Death Of Internet Explorer

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Battle of the Browsers

Neat graph, huh? Browsers usage data gathered from So why have I made this? Well, I feel like a mini-rant. Let me explain… Last weekend I went home to visit my folks for a wedding and as we loaded up the address of where to find the venue, I was horrified to see that… Read more »

Google faces fine over breach of Apple users’ privacy

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American competition watchdogs could be about to hand out their biggest fine yet to Google, over claims that iPhone and iPad users' privacy was breached when the company overrode device users' requests to reject cookies. The Wall Street Journal claims to have seen documents which show that the US Federal Trade Commission is close to… Read more »

Complainant in EU Google anti-trust case warns of ‘vampire effect’ of search giant’s dominance

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The boss of a company which is taking on Google in the European courts in an effort to clear up suspicions of anti-competitive practices says new scientific evidence shows that Google's placing of images in advertisements for its own products on search results pages means they attract up to 80 per cent of the clicks… Read more »