More changes to come after Google revamps Adwords

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The most widely used, and profitable, online advertising platform, AdWords by Google, has a new interface, designed to make drawing up ads, and analysing their effectiveness, easier and clearer. Google said it set out to make the data it gathered on the performance of online advertising campaigns easier to access

Google changes US shopping site to all-paid for model

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Google has today launched the new look for its Product Search facility, changing its name to Google Shopping. Initially for its American audience only, the change also marks a big change in Google's money-making ambitions, as only sellers who pay to be listed will be featured. But Google obviously skirted around this fact when it… Read more »

Google face antitrust ultimatum from European Commission over search manipulation concerns

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Everyone who’s anyone will have acknowledged the immense power that Google holds in the World Wide Web and the influence that it has, with many airing concerns that it manipulates results in order to push its other services and products. Evidence to this effect can even be seen in a previous Lakestar blog post. And… Read more »

Do the new Google comparison ads sacrifice user experience for commercial gain?

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Do the new Google comparison ads sacrifice user experience for commercial gain? Google UK recently launched its comparison service, which shows a new section of sponsored ads between the traditional paid listings and organic search results and whilst this may not affect the majority of internet users, simply because the actual scope of it is… Read more »

Google faces online petition over PPC ad rotation changes

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New pay-per-click advertisements placed through Google's Adwords ad management system can now only be rotated for a maximum period of 30 days. But the change has prompted such strong resistance from pay-per-click advertising experts that an online petition has been set up calling on Google to abandon it. In its Inside Adwords blog, Google says… Read more »

Ad clarity rather than clicks drives PPC success

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The extent to which people can read and understand an online display ad is more important for driving traffic to the advertiser's website than the actual number of clicks. That's the finding of research coming from America, conducted by comScore, the leading measurer of online behaviour. It found that potential customers' ability to clearly view… Read more »

Digital advertising still growing at expense of traditional media

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Confidence has surged among UK advertising and marketing executives, with more than a quarter believing the sector's financial prospects are improving. The latest Bellwether Report by the Institute of Practitioners in Marketing found there had been a big rise in this proportion, from 10 per cent for the last quarter of 2011, to 26 per… Read more »

Online ad spending to top £100 per British user in 2012

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A leading media agency has forecast that, despite the uncertain state of the British economy, spending on all forms of online advertising will top £100 for every UK adult internet user this year. GroupM, part of worldwide advertising and media group WPP, has produced an in-depth forecast of levels of online advertising spending for 2012… Read more »