Negative SEO: Easier Than You Might Think?

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Ever since Penguin rolled out, there has been a lot of concern from the SEO community about the potential for “negative SEO”. SEOs like myself have been kept awake at night with imaginary post-apocalyptic scenarios featuring rogue bands of spammers causing wanton destruction on the link profiles of their competitors. We’ve seen a few cases… Read more »

The SEO of 2012 in a Nutshell

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2012 has been another big year for Search. We’ve seen Google going vocal, along with the 2 dreaded, but necessary updates  (we all know what they are), and last year’s “freshness update” really did start to show its effects this year. So here we go – a quick list of the biggest SEO news of… Read more »

Brand or Non-Brand Links – Which Should Be Your Focus?

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Before anyone gets their hopes up – I’m not going to be giving the definitive answer on either, as both links warrant their own merits and focusing purely on one would be naïve. Anyway, now that’s out of the way, let’s crack on with the pro’s, con’s and quirks of each. When I first started… Read more »

Five great SEO blogs and resources from 2012

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This week we have decided to share with you some of the best SEO blogs and columns we have seen this year, those pieces of commentary that are worth picking out and making other people aware of. Like us, you might not agree with everything said in these pieces, but even in these cases they… Read more »

Viral versus Authority – Which is ultimately more powerful for successful off-site SEO?

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Both are integral to a sustained off-site SEO campaign but which is the most powerful, useful and effective? Before I go any further, I should state that I understand authority and social sharing can go hand in hand, but generally you’ll find shareable content mainly involves pictures or amusing lists, whilst authority is relevant and… Read more »