Lakestar Media’s top SEO tips for bloggers

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Whilst many bloggers may well have heard of SEO, understand its importance, and know quite a bit about the basic principles that determine how well they will do in search, it’s unlikely that they will have the budget to outsource their SEO, and there are surprisingly few resources are written specifically about blogging SEO. I’m… Read more »

Google face antitrust ultimatum from European Commission over search manipulation concerns

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Everyone who’s anyone will have acknowledged the immense power that Google holds in the World Wide Web and the influence that it has, with many airing concerns that it manipulates results in order to push its other services and products. Evidence to this effect can even be seen in a previous Lakestar blog post. And… Read more »

The Google Knowledge Graph – revolutionising search or bombarding users with unnecessary information?

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Google search works pretty well, right? We can all agree on that. When researching a particular topic, we might instinctively head to a well-known news source or online encyclopaedia, such as Wikipedia – a couple of clicks and you have a wealth of information. Well, now Google is aiming to change all that and present… Read more »

Creating the best link bait on the internet #Bieber RT @LadyGaga Never be afraid to dream

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Link bait is the holy grail of content – the quickest way to gain links organically and legitimately, and ultimately provide a long-term linkable asset that nigh outweighs any other method. Link bait can be anything from an article to a picture, video, podcast, presentation, mp3 – as long as it’s unique and fresh content… Read more »

Do the new Google comparison ads sacrifice user experience for commercial gain?

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Do the new Google comparison ads sacrifice user experience for commercial gain? Google UK recently launched its comparison service, which shows a new section of sponsored ads between the traditional paid listings and organic search results and whilst this may not affect the majority of internet users, simply because the actual scope of it is… Read more »

How Google Works, According to Matt Cutts

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Ever wanted to know how Google’s ranking works? Well the YouTube channel for GoogleWebmasterHelp recently uploaded a video detailing the processes that Google uses to rank its search results… according to Matt Cutts, anyway. It should be noted that this video is actually around 8 months old, and there have been some major algorithmic updates… Read more »

Google search changes bring quality content to the fore

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Website-builders and content-producers are facing close scrutiny from Google as the search giant reconfigures its algorithms in an effort to counter spam and low-quality or valueless content. Writing on, Danny Goodwin reported Google engineer Matt Cutts as saying that the algorithm change was aimed at penalising sites which practise 'keyword stuffing' and other unnatural… Read more »

Aggressive, over-optimised sites punished in Google algorithm update

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It’s that time again – Google has rolled out another update designed to spot unnatural link profiles and black-hat tactics, and punish them accordingly, whether with lost rankings or the dreaded Google Webmaster Tools notice. In yet another panic, we’ve already seen frantic bloggers and forum posts declaring that ‘SEO is dead’ and the sky… Read more »

Are social search signals a true representation of reliable results?

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Social media is pervading every single part of life – I’m sure we’re not far off art galleries installing ‘Like’ buttons and classic literature with it’s own ‘re-tweet’ capabilities. However, perhaps the most pressing of social media’s invasion is its increasing effects on rankings in search. The Conversation Prism has created a fantastic (and visually-striking)… Read more »