Research shows how retailers amplify their messages via social media

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Top retailers are beginning to see the benefits of using Facebook to promote their products, new research shows. A report jointly produced by digital behaviour measurement specialists com Score and the social media site shows that Facebook's news feed is proving highly valuable in helping businesses convey details of product offerings to potential customers, with… Read more »

BBC research questions value of Facebook likes and clicks

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Companies are wasting money on online ads designed to get Facebook users to 'like' them, when the respondents are not interested in their products, a BBC investigation has found. The broadcaster has obtained information which suggests that the identities of many people claiming to endorse products and their makers are bogus, and have been invented… Read more »

Businesses need a standpoint for social media

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A strategy for maximising use of the channel and a distinct point of view are essential for businesses which want to earn a following through social media. That was one of the outstanding conclusions reached when leading digital advertising practitioners met at an event to discuss social media trends organised by the Internet Advertising Bureau…. Read more »

Facebook links with NBC for Olympics coverage

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Facebook is to team up with American broadcaster NBC to present up-to-date information and results from the London Olympics. And exclusive content is to be made available to anyone who 'likes' the specially-created NBC Olympics Facebook page. This will include images available to be shared, polls, and a range of Olympics trivia, according to…. Read more »

Wikipedia blackout draws attention to Putin’s plans for net controls

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Russia's Wikipedia website was shut down yesterday in a one-day protest against what it claimed were President Vladimir Putin's plans to censor online content. A new Information law was due to be discussed by the Russian parliament today (Wednesday). Reuters news agency reported that supporters of the new law claimed it was needed to safeguard… Read more »

25 Websites You Don’t Need To Know About But Should Anyway

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The internet is a veritable garden of assorted sites – a happy mixture of invention, information and possibility. Everyone will have had a different browsing experience and whilst mainstays such as Google, Youtube and Facebook will be at the forefront of the general users visits, there are some real gems out there that deserve your… Read more »

Twitter steps up its search capabilities

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A predictive 'auto-complete' function, similar to that used by Google's search engine, is among a raft of changes which Twitter has announced to its search facility. This was just one of a series of changes which the microblogging site has introduced. Others include letting users search only tweets posted by people they follow, and search… Read more »

Facebook email glitches attract users’ anger

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Facebook has been forced to deal with a number of technical problems, just days after it upset many members by issuing new '' email addresses. The change obscured any other email addresses which members had made visible on their accounts. Some rivals saw this as an attempt by Facebook to get users to switch over… Read more »

This was going to be a post on SEO, but then I looked at cat pictures…

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I swear, everything on the internet eventually leads to cats. A productive day at work can instantly be sidetracked by the hilarity of cats. Any cat can achieve viral status on the internet and no one would be angry or sick of it – but why? If you’re a habitual internet user, like myself, you’re… Read more »