General Motors to stop paying for Facebook ads

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General Motors, the world's largest vehicle manufacturer, has decided to pull the plug on its paid Facebook advertising, and instead will concentrate on developing and adding content to its free brand pages. This will be seen as a significant move, as GM was last year the third highest spender on all forms of advertising in… Read more »

Creating the best link bait on the internet #Bieber RT @LadyGaga Never be afraid to dream

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Link bait is the holy grail of content – the quickest way to gain links organically and legitimately, and ultimately provide a long-term linkable asset that nigh outweighs any other method. Link bait can be anything from an article to a picture, video, podcast, presentation, mp3 – as long as it’s unique and fresh content… Read more »

LinkedIn tops list of fastest growing tech companies

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A prestigious list of the fastest-growing tech stocks in the world has this year been topped by LinkedIn, pushing perennial investors' favourite Apple into second place. The list, compiled by American business publisher, ranks the 25 fastest-growing tech companies listed on the Wall Street stock market. In order to compile the list, Forbes sifted… Read more »

Social reader apps appear to plummet in usage, but not due to user experience

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Have you ever seen enticing and interesting headlines appearing in your news feed, and clicked on them only to be greeted by this app? It’s an infuriating experience and feels quite privacy-invasive, particularly when it states that ‘This app may post on your behalf’. This is the current state of what has come to be… Read more »

Facebook to boost sport content through agency deal

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Social networking site Facebook has signed a deal with a sport broadcasting rights agency to include the content from its platform to a bigger audience. Facebook will incorporate content from LiveSport TV into its feeds, giving users access to live, streamed football from several European and South American leagues, rugby league, rugby union, snooker and… Read more »

Gold winner Lewis criticises tweeting athletes

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British athletes' readiness to accept payment for endorsing brands and products on Twitter has been attacked by a former Olympic gold medal winner. Heptathlete Denise Lewis called tweeting endorsements “a dangerous game”. In an exclusive interview with Marketing magazine, the 2000 Olympic gold medallist added that her coach would not have allowed it because it… Read more »

Are social search signals a true representation of reliable results?

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Social media is pervading every single part of life – I’m sure we’re not far off art galleries installing ‘Like’ buttons and classic literature with it’s own ‘re-tweet’ capabilities. However, perhaps the most pressing of social media’s invasion is its increasing effects on rankings in search. The Conversation Prism has created a fantastic (and visually-striking)… Read more »

Facebook purchase Instagram in billion dollar deal, but why?

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Billion dollar Facebook deal shows increasing promise in digital property and apps, but not everyone is happy…   Instagram goes mainstream; hipsters angered; and app designers simultaneously slap their foreheads whilst muttering “Why didn’t I think of that?” But, what exactly does this mean?   As I’m sure you’ve heard (because social media is pretty… Read more »