Anyone and everyone with access to a computer nowadays is likely to be familiar with the term ‘blogging’. In fact, many of us even have our own blog or contribute to an existing blog, and those who don’t write themselves happily spend hours reading, liking, commenting on and sharing other blogs. If you ask those […]… Read Article
Everyone will have heard the saying that ‘content is king’ in the world of SEO, but the fact is that content alone isn’t good enough anymore. In the past, simply creating a high-quality piece of content and following Google’s rules in terms of white hat SEO could improve a site’s rankings, but Google is now […]… Read Article
Both are integral to a sustained off-site SEO campaign but which is the most powerful, useful and effective? Before I go any further, I should state that I understand authority and social sharing can go hand in hand, but generally you’ll find shareable content mainly involves pictures or amusing lists, whilst authority is relevant and […]… Read Article
Content, content, content. That seems to be all I ever talk about – you could say I’m never contented, but don’t because it’s just silly. My first foray into SEO, a good 2 years ago now, was as a content writer at a different company, producing news, blogs and the occasional article on all varieties […]… Read Article
I have reflected recently on the frequency with which words like ‘content’ and ‘value’ are being used. I googled, one by one, content, value, and “valuable content” (the last one was in double quotes, as an exact match). The results as per may be surprising or not, but here goes: Content – 1,480,000,000 results. […]… Read Article