Sitting in a crowded room until a hush descends upon its participants, the historic neo-Gothic architecture of Manchester’s historic Town Hall is the last place you would expect one of the UK’s leading forward-thinking technology conferences to take up residence in. But just as FutureEverything is full of surprises, so is its line-up – ranging […]… Read Article
I’m sure anyone who’s anyone (who watched Britain’s Got Talent) will have seen the amazing ‘Strictly Wheels’ act at the end of the show, complete with a standing ovation, a few tears in the audience and a rapturous applause. It was an act that started out slowly and delicately but with the music kicking in, […]… Read Article
April Fools has always been a time for the internet to burst with creativity whether it’s YouTube travelling through time or deadly butterfly attacks, and 2012 was no different. Google has a strong reputation of making the most of April Fools and they did not disappoint this year. Let’s start with one of my favourite […]… Read Article
It was billed as a new form of politics, the leadership debate that the UK has been calling out for in a somewhat vain attempt to tap into some of the political energy emanating from Capitol Hill and the Obama presidency. The idea for a UK version of these debates pre-dates the current hoopla surrounding […]… Read Article
A new tablet computer has been unveiled by Microsoft and HP, just days ahead of the expected launch of a similar device by Apple. The two companies revealed their latest product, a touchscreen computer powered by Windows 7, at the Consumer Electronics Show taking place in Las Vegas. The news comes just days before Apple […]… Read Article
One of the things I personally love about the Internet, and Social Media in particular, is that it has the global reach. Be it blogging, podcasting, online video or photography, you may be thinking that you are only producing the “content” for people of one country, but in truth your work may be seen and […]… Read Article
ITV is currently considering selling its Friends Reunited website as the broadcaster looks to remove underperforming areas of its business. ITV is undergoing a company wide efficiency review, with inside reports suggesting that the social network bought for £120m in 2005 may be sold off as part of cost-cutting measures. They suggest ITV is unhappy […]… Read Article
Half of Europe’s teenagers search the web with no parental supervision, a new survey has revealed.  The survey into the web routine of around 20,000 14 to 19-year-olds across Europe found that 51% enjoy uncontrolled access to any and every website. The MSN research also found that 29% of the teenagers it questioned have suffered […]… Read Article
High profile celebrities are backing the latest online initiative to encourage people to swap clothes over the internet; it has been launched ahead of London Fashion Week. The program named Recycling Runway will encourage people to upload photographs of themselves wearing outfits they would like to swap through social network Bebo and media platform Amuso.It […]… Read Article