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A quarter of British businesses feel their efforts to get their messages across to customers are being hampered by their lack of a clear strategy for communicating with them through digital channels.

Only one in three marketing people working in the retail and general business sectors believed they were 'excellent' or 'good' at getting marketing messages across using a variety of media and channels, according to a survey compiled by eConsultancy and cross-channel marketing company Responsys.

But those which successfully integrate their marketing message across all channels in a co-ordinated fashion “see significant payback, especially in the areas of display, social and mobile, and those that do not, risk losing out to the competition”, said Simon Robinson, Responsys' senior marketing and alliances director for Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

The research was compiled after questioning 650 companies. It found that the lack of a co-ordinated strategy, use of non-compatible technology platforms, and shortcomings in their company's organisational structure