Dedicated local pages containing business listings or details of interesting sights in a particular neighbourhood are now available when you search Google Maps. The project brings together information contained in the maps database with Google business listings and, where available, customer reviews, in what many see as a logical extension of the existing Maps service. […]… Read Article
I was somewhat critical of the changes that occured to FeedBurner since it was completely migrated over to Google. Some features, however, were “tweaked”. There was a chance previously to see the countries and cities that sent visits to the site and feed. The site statistics in FeedBurner has now been disabled, but the feed […]… Read Article
In the world of digital/social mapping, Google Maps seem to be the first choice. In the world of photo sharing, however, Yahoo! Flickr has been holding the reins. Now the two come together, thanks to the recent development from Google Maps. As Barry Schwarz and Matt McGee reported for Search Engine Land just days ago, […]… Read Article