A UK technology firm has signed an agreement that will pave the way for mobile devices with pressure-sensitive touchscreens and keys. Yorkshire-based Peratech Ltd has signed a licensing agreement with Samsung Electro-mechanics to provide the company with a range of pressure sensing components which include its Quantum Tunnelling Composite (QTC) technology. The technology allows users […]… Read Article
Finland has topped the charts when it comes to internet access, leaving countries including the UK in its wake. Eurostat, the official European statistics office, found every company in Finland with 10 or more employees has some form of connection to the internet, closely followed by Slovakia with its 98 per cent connection rate. The […]… Read Article
Mobile phone operator Vodafone has walked away from an exclusive deal to sell Sony Ericsson's new Xperia X2 handset. The decision has come about due to the company’s new focus on the recently-released Nexus One phone from Google and Apple’s iPhone, according to a report in the Daily Telegraph. The X2 has now been removed […]… Read Article
Google will have to tread carefully to avoid upsetting its partners in the mobile phone business following the release of its first device, according to industry analysts. The internet search giant launched the Nexus One mobile phone which is manufactured by HTC earlier this week and is selling it direct to customers through an online […]… Read Article
As predicted, Google has just unveiled the official details of the new Nexus One phone, built in conjunction with HTC. The phone was unveiled along with a new online store – www.google.com/phone – where people with a Google account can purchase the device. The Nexus One can be bought unlocked and also on contract through […]… Read Article
Google is expected to announce the arrival of its first mobile phone tomorrow. The internet search company has scheduled a press conference to take place at its headquarters in California on Tuesday, where industry commentators believe its Nexus One mobile phone will be officially unveiled. A report by Sky News said the move will mark the […]… Read Article
Council leaders have proposed making access to a fast broadband connection a legal right in the UK. The idea has been put forward by the Local Government Association (LGA), and would see high-speed internet access, like water and gas, covered by legislation guaranteeing its supply to every home in the country. A report in the […]… Read Article
Government plans to slash the number of people illegally sharing copyrighted material online could cost consumers up to £500million. As part of the Digital Economy Bill due to be passed through parliament in the coming months, Labour is intent on reducing the amount of people using peer-2-peer technology to illegally share films and music. A […]… Read Article
The head of telecoms firm O2 has apologised to customers for times when its mobile network has been overloaded by smartphone users. Speaking to the Financial Times, chief executive of O2, Ronan Dunne, said he was “disappointed” with the company’s network performance in London since the summer. He blamed the problem on an increase in the […]… Read Article