Blogging has become more and more prevalent in recent years – hey I’m writing a blog right now, you’ve probably just arrived from another blog and are thinking about writing a blog as you read this. Working with bloggers is not something to take lightly or to just throw yourself straight in to. You need […]… Read Article
When I went to see Sinister, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect – the marketing seems to have been relatively tame and the actual plot was fairly unclear. Granted, I’d actively avoided finding out about it, however most marketing campaigns force you to find something about it. That being said, I’d seen the trailer, […]… Read Article
Everyone will have heard the saying that ‘content is king’ in the world of SEO, but the fact is that content alone isn’t good enough anymore. In the past, simply creating a high-quality piece of content and following Google’s rules in terms of white hat SEO could improve a site’s rankings, but Google is now […]… Read Article
She’s been a contributor to my blogs beforehand, penning both the much-loved Cats blog and providing the Female Perspective of Pinterest, and now she’s graduated to having her own author account. Expect much nicer, positive posts from our Aurora, who delights in cute, twee and lovely things. Over to you, Aurora! -Tom As one of […]… Read Article
Now that 10-6 are out of the way, let’s move onto the true marketing catastrophes. These upcoming viral marketing disasters didn’t just fail – they completely missed the mark, overlooked the real demographic and/or damaged the overall brand. Bear in mind, these were taken on by serious marketing companies and expected to drive traffic, sales and results. […]… Read Article
Well, after Aurora sang her praises of Pinterest, I feel I should give it a chance to impress me and dig down into the essence of the site. Now, I fully appreciate the appeal and draw of Pinterest and that it really can be a time-vampire, but there are some blatant shortcomings that instantly jump […]… Read Article
You might be thinking I’m late to this whole Pinterest thing, and well, you’re right I am, but that’s beside the point – Pinterest is still making waves as a hugely popular social media phenomenon. In the United States, it even outranks its major competitor, Tumblr, ranking at 17th and 18th most popular site respectively. […]… Read Article
The internet is a veritable garden of assorted sites – a happy mixture of invention, information and possibility. Everyone will have had a different browsing experience and whilst mainstays such as Google, Youtube and Facebook will be at the forefront of the general users visits, there are some real gems out there that deserve your […]… Read Article
Infographics were meant to the next best thing in link-building, we all saw the awesome graphics, we all admired the clever use of facts and figures, and most of all we coveted the traffic they generated. But then people started trying to crank them out at a rate of 5 an hour, and things started […]… Read Article
A group of Facebook fans is attempting to get Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats into office in much the same way as a group of music fans got American rock band Rage Against The Machine to the top of the Christmas UK charts last December. The “We got Rage Against the Machine to #1, […]… Read Article