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You know what the SEO world needs? Another Google announcement – what with Pigeon making headlines, it’s only fair that the search engine sneaks in its latest development: new dynamic sitelinks. Automatically generated links that appear below your ad text, these are designed to direct customers to a page on your site that’s highly relevant – enabling prospective customers to navigate round key areas of your site with ease.

The Google gift that just keeps on giving, AdWords advertisers will be happy with this move – with Google stating: “This is another example, like selling ratings, of AdWords tools adding value to your ads while saving time and simplifying campaign management.” A worldwide function, they cost nothing when clicked – however, if you’re not happy with this feature, you have the choice to opt out should you not want dynamic sitelinks applied to your ads.

Google dynamic sitelinks in AdWords are visible to searchers across a number of devices – while your ads are eligible for dynamic sitelinks so long as your AdWords campaign type is set to either “Search Network with Display” or “Search Network Only.”

Google adds: “If you’ve already set up your own sitelinks, those will always show, except for the few instances when the dynamic sitelink can perform better.”

How do you feel about dynamic sitelinks? With hopes that this will increase your quality score and CTRs, it will be interesting to see how Google’s newest service pans out.

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