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Google is providing a platform for experts and individuals to come together to counter the fostering of violent extremism using the internet.

The search giant is partnering with a number of outside groups and agencies to form the Against Violent Extremism (AVE) network.

The idea behind the partnership is to provide an online resource which former terrorists, extremists and their victims can use to discuss their activities and experiences.

It was first formulated at a conference which called itself a Summit Against Violent Extremism, which took place in Dublin last year. Early members claimed by the group include ex-members of the American white power movement and ex-Islamist extremists from Indonesia.

Looking to attract interest from anyone keen to help counter extremism, the group also hopes to act as a mouthpiece for its members to the media, according to advertising sector website Campaignlive.

Yasmin Dolatabadi, principal at Google Ideas, said: “This website brings to fruition a platform for 'formers' to speak out, and added: “Technology allows the conversation to continue [and] creates unlimited space for collaboration.”

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