April Fools has always been a time for the internet to burst with creativity whether it’s YouTube travelling through time or deadly butterfly attacks, and 2012 was no different. Google has a strong reputation of making the most of April Fools and they did not disappoint this year. Let’s start with one of my favourite […]… Read Article
No, it’s not the return of the much-missed Labs – Google is now promoting their App Store on the search bar! Smartphone users will have noticed that the previously named ‘Android Market’ has changed to ‘Play’. You might even been lucky enough to grab a few cheaper apps, such as Osmos, Dead Space and the […]… Read Article
A new way of personalising search engine results is about to be rolled out by Google. The firm has come up with a ‘stars’ system, which lets users mark their favourite websites with a gold star rather than bookmarking them. Once a relevant search is performed, favourite websites will appear in the listings with star […]… Read Article
Google has announced the launch of Buzz, a new tool which aims to compete with social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. During a conference at the company’s Mountain View headquarters in California, Google released details of the new feature, built into Gmail, which will enable users to share information, photos, videos. The search […]… Read Article
Dedicated local pages containing business listings or details of interesting sights in a particular neighbourhood are now available when you search Google Maps. The project brings together information contained in the maps database with Google business listings and, where available, customer reviews, in what many see as a logical extension of the existing Maps service. […]… Read Article
British pest control to parcel delivery company Rentokil Initial has chosen Google to manage its electronic communications, making it the largest company yet to deploy Google's Apps worldwide. Rentokil, among the FTSE list of the UK’s top 100 companies, said the move was part of its five-year turnaround plan and was as much about simplifying […]… Read Article