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Since Twitter launched back in July 2006 it’s grown to be one of the most popular social media sites with 302 million active users and 500 million tweets sent every day. With people from all age groups, business owners, experts and celebrities all frequently using the site, it’s a great way to contact people, find and share information and express opinions.

Though perhaps our favourite thing about Twitter is the hashtags. Some are useful and interesting, others are random and fun but there’s always something new going on and a different discussion to join.

So, as it’s half way through the year, (we can’t believe it either!) we thought we’d round up our favourite hashtags from 2015, and give you some top tips on how to use hashtags to improve your Twitter reach.

Sound good? Let’s talk hashtags.

1. #LoveWins

It’s the most recent of our selection but it was a great hashtag that allowed the world to unite on social media and share their thoughts and experiences on gay marriage being legalised by the Supreme Court in America. Users were posting pictures and sending messages to friends and family using the hashtag and it was impossible to miss. Definitely one of our favourites.

lovewins2. #Zaynleft

We feel it wouldn’t be right not to include a hashtag about One Direction because there are just so many! When Zayn Malik left the band back in March the Directioners came out in force creating uproar on social media. Heartbroken fans tweeted with numerous hashtags, including #zaynleft. This led to #zaynchanged with fans expressing their upset and confusion to the news, and finally the hashtag could come full circle with #zayniscomingback now trending.


3. #Milifandom

Ed Miliband might seem an unlikely subject for social media sensation, but #miliband started by 17 year old Abby Tomlinson, radically changed media representation of the Labour leader. There were also pictures of Ed as a model and a superhero – and he did nothing but embrace it. Abby and Ed finally went for lunch the hashtag is still going strong.



4. #DogsAtPollingStations

We love dogs, and voting is important. So is there a better hashtag than #DogsAtPollingStations? In the midst of the election buzz this just-for-fun hashtag offered a little light-hearted relief from the serious issues of the day and was one of our favourite hashtags from the election.



5. #AddGoatToRuinAQuote

This hashtag was created by @midnight and is the ideal hashtag to scroll through on your commute to and from work. The aim of the game is to replace a word in a quote with the word goat, like the below tweet. How many can you come up with?



Now that you’ve seen our favourite Twitter hashtags of 2015, you might be wondering how hashtags can help your business grow. Our social media experts have given their top tips on how to make a hashtag work for your business.

  • For a hashtag to have the potential to go viral it needs to be authentic and relate to a mass audience. The more people can relate to it the more people will use it. Think about what your audience would talk about and what will get them sharing and retweeting. Hashtags like #CommuterProblems resonate with people all over the world, it’s a common bug bear, and something people want to discuss.
  • Remember that there’s a 140 character limit on Twitter, so keep your hashtags short and snappy, leaving people enough room to add their opinion on the topic.
  • Work on your relationships on Twitter, network with people in your industry and get them involved in your conversation. Take some time to build up your Twitter account by following people that have common interests to you and make an effort to engage with them. When you actively converse with people online, they are more likely to share your content, you’ll gain more exposure and your hashtag is more likely to trend.
  • #Don’t #hashtag #every #word – not only is it annoying, your tweet will get mixed up with a number of different topics, instead focus on a maximum of two hashtags per tweet.
  • Make sure the hashtag is relevant to what you’re tweeting about. “Enter our competition to win an iPad mini #DogsAtPollingStations” will not get you the response or exposure you want.
  • Create a presence on Twitter by getting involved and using frequent and popular hashtags such as #ThrowbackThuraday and #FollowFriday, this will get you a bigger audience .

So to summarise, hashtags can:

  • Develop Twitter connections and relationships
  • Gain greater exposure for your content
  • Create an online presence.

We can’t wait to see what other hashtags 2015 brings, we’ll be sure to keep a note of our favourites. What have your favourite hashtags been so far? Let us know in the comments below!