Yes, yet another top 5 list. I do love them. Now, this is likely going to be the last post I do for the Lakestar McCann blog, so as a farewell, let’s do a final piece on the five key things I’ve learnt during my 2 years and 8 months in digital marketing.   5.  I know […]… Read Article
The internet is a veritable garden of assorted sites – a happy mixture of invention, information and possibility. Everyone will have had a different browsing experience and whilst mainstays such as Google, Youtube and Facebook will be at the forefront of the general users visits, there are some real gems out there that deserve your […]… Read Article
The internet, as we know it, is a relatively old creature now – we all know that a primitive version existed way back in the 1950s with point-to-point communication, but it wasn’t until the mid-1990s that it gained a commercial and public significance. And in these tumultuous two decades, we’ve had the highs and the […]… Read Article
Link bait is the holy grail of content – the quickest way to gain links organically and legitimately, and ultimately provide a long-term linkable asset that nigh outweighs any other method. Link bait can be anything from an article to a picture, video, podcast, presentation, mp3 – as long as it’s unique and fresh content […]… Read Article
It might seem like an everyday part of life now, but I’m sure that everyone reading this will remember a time before the internet – a time clouded by radio times, Ceefax, VHS and… Encyclopaedias! However, ever since the internet became widely available to the public and we were introduced to the melodic tones of […]… Read Article
It’s that time again – Google has rolled out another update designed to spot unnatural link profiles and black-hat tactics, and punish them accordingly, whether with lost rankings or the dreaded Google Webmaster Tools notice. In yet another panic, we’ve already seen frantic bloggers and forum posts declaring that ‘SEO is dead’ and the sky […]… Read Article
Google is expected to release details of its plans for a compromise with EU data protection bodies this week. The American company has admitted it made a software coding mistake in 2006 and this led to its Street View photography cars collecting payload data from private, but unsecure WiFi networks. The company has been facing […]… Read Article
An iPhone version of internet browser Opera Mini was downloaded more than one million times in its first day, according to Apple App Store figures. Statistics show that yesterday the browser was downloaded onto 1,023,380 Apple devices. Norway-based Opera Software said it has delivered up to six times the speed of other browsers in testing, […]… Read Article
A record £1.4million was spent online in just 60 seconds on Monday, as Britain saw its busiest day ever for internet retail sales. The day’s peak came at 1.43pm as computer users turned their attention to Christmas shopping, resulting in a 61 per cent like-for-like sales increase on 2008. Between 1pm and 2pm a total […]… Read Article