In the online world, it can be easy to get sucked into the mindset that Google is the ‘big cheese’ which has to be kept happy if your website is to enjoy any degree of visibility. This conclusion can be an obvious one to come to when you consider that and’s share of […]… Read Article
Do the new Google comparison ads sacrifice user experience for commercial gain? Google UK recently launched its comparison service, which shows a new section of sponsored ads between the traditional paid listings and organic search results and whilst this may not affect the majority of internet users, simply because the actual scope of it is […]… Read Article
So what’s new in the world of SEO? Well, recently, Google performed another update that continued to punish the over-optimisation of sites leading to unnatural link profiles being penalized by Google, blog networks becoming de-indexed, webmasters receiving Google notices, fire and brimstone coming down from the skies, the dead rising from the grave, human sacrifice, dogs […]… Read Article
Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, is reportedly testing new ways of presenting local search results – not unlike a fairly well-known competitor… *cough* Google By presenting users with local search results alongside the main set of results, it is hoped this new feature will make it easier to navigate to websites relevant to the individual user’s […]… Read Article
UK internet users have visited more social networking sites than search engines in one month than ever before. Data released by research firm Hitwise shows that visits to social networks accounted for 11.88 per cent of all UK internet visits in May, compared to search engine visits which made up 11.33 per cent. Facebook brought in […]… Read Article
Google’s Chrome internet browser has managed to increase its share of the global market to over seven per cent, according to data from Net Applications. The research company said Chrome increased its share from 6.73 per cent in April 2010 to 7.05 per cent at the end of last month, to retain third place with […]… Read Article
Almost five per cent of all internet searches performed in the UK last week related to the upcoming football World Cup in South Africa. Data from online research firm Hitwise found that 4.98 per cent of searches conducted in the week ending May 29 contained the words ‘world cup’. According to the company, searches for […]… Read Article
The world’s largest search engines have been accused of not doing enough to protect the privacy of users. According to a report by the Financial Times, technology firms Google, Microsoft and Yahoo have all come in for criticism and been accused of breaking EU data rules. A group made up of representatives from the 27 […]… Read Article
Bing, the search engine from Microsoft is set to celebrate its first birthday this week, but there might not be as many people coming to the party as expected. After being re-branded from Live Search 12 months ago, Bing saw its volume of unique visitors from the US rise by 16 per cent after five […]… Read Article
It was billed as a new form of politics, the leadership debate that the UK has been calling out for in a somewhat vain attempt to tap into some of the political energy emanating from Capitol Hill and the Obama presidency. The idea for a UK version of these debates pre-dates the current hoopla surrounding […]… Read Article