The man who heads one of the highest courts in the UK has called for privacy laws to be updated to take account of the onward march of technology. Lord Neuberger, the President of the nation’s Supreme Court, is pushing for an update to the laws. His call comes as the Law Society Gazette, one […]… Read Article
It’s just one little letter, and the chances are that the majority of people surfing the internet and running searches through Google won’t even notice it. However, it’s there all the same. A small ‘s’ has appeared near the start of Google’s web address, which signifies the company has decided to switch over to using […]… Read Article
In just a few decades, the internet has dramatically changed our way of life, the way we learn, work, shop, play and communicate. It might feel like a magical cyber-wonderland where you can go about your merry way; however, there is a darker side… (or so many internet commentators would have you believe)   Google’s […]… Read Article
US search firm Google is phasing out the use of Microsoft’s Windows operating system, due to security concerns. According to a report by The Telegraph, the company is now asking new employees to choose between Apple’s OS X system or an open-source Lynux platform. Speaking to the Financial Times, a Google employee said: “We’re not […]… Read Article
Google is expected to release details of its plans for a compromise with EU data protection bodies this week. The American company has admitted it made a software coding mistake in 2006 and this led to its Street View photography cars collecting payload data from private, but unsecure WiFi networks. The company has been facing […]… Read Article
The world’s largest search engines have been accused of not doing enough to protect the privacy of users. According to a report by the Financial Times, technology firms Google, Microsoft and Yahoo have all come in for criticism and been accused of breaking EU data rules. A group made up of representatives from the 27 […]… Read Article
An online petition is calling for the UK government to move away from Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 6 in favour of a more up to date web browser. Microsoft’s browser has come under increasing pressure during recent weeks, following reports that a weak link in version 6 allowed hackers to infiltrate the Google email accounts of […]… Read Article
Scammers are attempting to trap unsuspecting internet users searching for news on Apple's iPad tablet computer. A report by eWeek said attackers are using “search engine optimisation poisoning” to get their own websites to the top of results pages for terms such as “Apple tablet” and “Apple iPad rumour”. When people click on certain iPad […]… Read Article
The Ministry of Defence has admitted its own staff and military personnel released secret information through social networking sites 16 times in the past year and a half. The information was made publically available when staff connected to internet forums and social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. In addition, 10 service personnel have […]… Read Article
Google has pulled back from launching two new handsets in China, while it continues to consider its future in the country. The search engine giant was due to launch handsets manufactured specifically for the Chinese market on Wednesday, but this has now been postponed, reports The Times. A Google source told the paper it would be […]… Read Article