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My foray into SEO first began during my position at my local Oxfam; my responsibilities were to update their Facebook and Twitter with current affairs of the not-for-profit organisation. This interest in use of social media led to me casting a wider net into the realms of digital marketing.

Prior to my start at Lakestar, I had worked at a smaller agency doing basic link building but the daily duties weren’t stimulating enough. I was eager to expand my SEO knowledge so when an interview opportunity arose with Lakestar McCann for the position of Offsite Optimisation Specialist, I snapped it up immediately. Familiarising myself with their impressive client case studies, I set forth to win them over and to my delight, I’d landed myself a job with this award winning agency.

What Lakestar McCann gave me was the opportunity to independently delve into the SEO-sphere; giving me nudges here and there while I developed a solid understanding of this at-times mysterious world of search. My line of work requires creativity in this fast-paced digital world, so the unrestricted method of learning has encouraged out-of-the-box thinking in order to deliver results to clients.

One of the great things about working here is the sheer variety of responsibilities. Offsite at Lakestar McCann branches out into various deliverables which meant I was given the opportunity to take blogger outreach head-on. Interacting with bloggers from a wide range of industries has enabled me to put to use my personable online nature and has shown me just how inventive link building can be.

Diversity doesn’t stop there though. Elements of social media has been thrown into the mix as well as the opportunity to work with our Affiliate and PPC teams in creating pitches to better prepare me for client-facing prospects.

Sharing of knowledge is very much encouraged here at Lakestar McCann and so when I had the chance to partner up with a team member to present a number of slides on the fundamentals of our deliverables, I was delighted to see members of different departments attend. It just showed how willing they were to understand the company from other perspectives. We’re in this together, after all!

It’s not been long since I passed my probation and to be frank, the responsibilities have increased and more imagination has been called for, but I wouldn’t choose to change any of it. SEO is an ever changing industry and in order to stay on top of the game you have to remain switched on. Every day brings new challenges, I’m learning new industry hacks, and to be part of such a forward thinking company will surely see a productive and rewarding time here at Lakestar McCann.