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A logo of Lakestar Media and the McCann Worldgroup.It’s official! Lakestar Media have been acquired by McCann Worldgroup in a move that will benefit all within both businesses. Our digital marketing agency really is moving up in the world and we can see nothing but great opportunities for the future.

Speaking about the acquisition, our Chief Executive Officer Neil McKay has said, “This is a fantastic opportunity for our team to be part of a leading marketing communications agency and it will allow us to offer a broader digitally integrated solution to our clients.”

He added, “It gives us the opportunity to work alongside other digital disciplines and for us to align digital strategies with wider marketing communications strategies for our clients. If you embed our strengths with the broader integrated capability of McCann, you have an incredibly strong digital offering which I believe will be of real interest to both current and future clients of both agencies.”

About McCann Worldgroup

In 1997, McCann Worldgroup was established as a number of different companies, including McCann Erickson, MRM Worldwide, McCann Healthcare, Momentum Worldwide, FutureBrand, Weber Shandwick and Universal McCann.

To enhance their work within the UK, McCann Worldgroup established a network of regional sites such as McCann London, McCann Birmingham and McCann Manchester. McCann Manchester acquired Blue Banana, a research, innovation and NPD company two years ago, and last year, McCann Worldgroup acquired Meteorite and All of Us, so we know that we are in good company with the acquisition.

President of McCann Worldgroup Europe, Gustavo Martinez, said, “The successful conclusion of this acquisition further strengthens an already powerful digital offering from McCann in the UK.  By acquiring an SEO specialist of this scale and experience it means our UK operations can offer clients operating nationally and internationally a truly integrated digital solution. We believe this acquisition has the potential to drive further digital growth in the UK and potentially beyond.”

We at Lakestar Media look forward to working closely within McCann Worldgroup, and under the watchful eye of Neil McKay, Martin Jackson, CFO of McCann Worldgroup UK, and Sue Little, Chief Executive of MCann Manchester, we are sure that Lakestar Media will prove an invaluable asset to the McCann Worldgroup and McCann Manchester.

Plus, there’s a party coming up, so we can’t complain!

Adding to all of this, Lakestar Media will be making tracks and moving over to the 18th floor  of City Tower in Manchester City Centre, so expect a few photos of the new office next week!