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Apple has announced that plans are in place to close down its music social network, Ping, later this year. 
Ping has been running for two years now, but user response to the network hasn't met expectations. Despite the fact that it has received backing from Lady Gaga and Coldplay frontmen Chris Martin and it received over one million users in the first 24 hours, Apple has decided to focus its efforts elsewhere. 
According to Apple CEO Tim Cook: "We tried Ping and I think the customer voted and said: 'This isn’t something I want to put a lot of energy into'."
It is thought that Ping suffered due to the small number of musician profiles on the social network, along with the difficulties that some users had in gaining access to the system and the fact that users have reported a number of spam messages. 
Ping was launched as a possible contender to Facebook, but Apple now appears to have changed tack by signing a new deal with Facebook. This will see Facebook becoming an integral feature of the in-development iOS6, and Apple is also working on including 3D maps in the up-and-coming operating system, putting it in competition with Google Maps.