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Approaching two million viewers have seen a YouTube video featuring former football hardman and actor Vinnie Jones offering tips to people for helping heart attack victims. The online campaign has been hailed a big success by the British Heart Foundation, the charity which produced it. The popularity of the video resulted in no fewer than… Read more »

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Content, content, content. That seems to be all I ever talk about – you could say I’m never contented, but don’t because it’s just silly. My first foray into SEO, a good 2 years ago now, was as a content writer at a different company, producing news, blogs and the occasional article on all varieties… Read more »

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More than eight out of 10 Americans like Google, and 53 per cent support the company “strongly”, according to a poll for ABC News and the Washington Post. Fewer than one in 10 of those asked said they didn't like the search engine giant, while a similar proportion had no views either way. Young internet… Read more »

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After Yahoo issued legal action last month against Facebook for claimed infringement of several patents, the social media site has countered by filing an action of its own. Facebook's claim centres on 10 patents which it claims Yahoo has breached. It is yet another sign of the increasingly litigious nature of competition over highly-prized patents… Read more »

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Google has today launched its affiliate network in the UK. It means that advertisers will be able to sign up partner businesses to sell their services or products online, and be paid for every tangible result they achieve with their ads. The service combines a number of different features already offered by Google for its… Read more »

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April Fools has always been a time for the internet to burst with creativity whether it’s YouTube travelling through time or deadly butterfly attacks, and 2012 was no different. Google has a strong reputation of making the most of April Fools and they did not disappoint this year. Let’s start with one of my favourite… Read more »

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Online travel agency Expedia has mounted a complaint against Google claiming unfair practices by the search giant. It has filed a case with the European Commission's competition body, claiming that Google is exploiting its dominance of the search engine market, and acting contrary to EU rules on competition and consumer protection. Expedia's senior vice-president of… Read more »

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So what’s new in the world of SEO? Well, recently, Google performed another update that continued to punish the over-optimisation of sites leading to unnatural link profiles being penalized by Google, blog networks becoming de-indexed, webmasters receiving Google notices, fire and brimstone coming down from the skies, the dead rising from the grave, human sacrifice, dogs… Read more »

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'Liking' brands on Facebook is becoming increasingly common among the British online community, with a new report suggesting that 45 per cent of people have responded to a company or a brand in this way. The Social Profile UK report by interactive marketing software provider ExactTarget, examined how people interact with businesses using email and… Read more »