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Social media – everyone uses it and we love it, it’s like a diary for everyone to post their wonderful (or so they make out) lives on or their rants and rages, isn’t it? But sometimes, social media can go wrong… take 47 King Street West for example, after this Manchester-based restaurant recently demonstrated how… Read more »

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It’s the latest buzz word that’s being thrown around by everyone from filmmakers to social media strategists; but what does it mean to be a ‘storyteller’? At best the term’s a bit vague, and at worst a bit pretentious.  So is there any value in storytelling? And if so, how can we capitalise on it?… Read more »

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  Digital marketing is such a diverse industry, each day is different and there are so many roles to fill, here at Lakestar we’ve got so many talented people from different departments and we want to show you what they do, so without further ado, meet Michelle Lowe, Client Director. Michelle has been at Lakestar… Read more »

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  Search Engine Optimisation is an ever-evolving world. With Google dominating digital marketing, it’s more important than ever to pay heed to its updates if you want your brand or company to really stand out against the rest.

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  It may come as a surprise to you (or it may not, it depends on your view on the matter) but Facebook has ranked higher than UK tabloids for being a biased or impartial and trustworthy news source. While it wasn’t exactly top of the charts, it’s still odd to see that social media… Read more »

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Although social media have undoubtedly become something close to an obsession for many of us, it still seems that a lot of people are distinctly dissatisfied with their overall social media experience. The latest evidence for this comes in the form of a new survey of US consumers, which found that social media platforms performed consistently poorly… Read more »

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In the online world, it can be easy to get sucked into the mindset that Google is the ‘big cheese’ which has to be kept happy if your website is to enjoy any degree of visibility. This conclusion can be an obvious one to come to when you consider that and’s share of… Read more »

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As more and more people take their shopping activities online, it’s no surprise that with such a vast amount of customers and retailers operating on a digital platform, regulations need to be set to ensure a fair and safe environment – both for shoppers as well as merchants. That’s why the recent announcement of the… Read more »

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As one of the biggest names online, it made sense to celebrate one of the biggest names offline – with Google’s latest doodle honouring the 96th birthday of the revolutionary South African president and anti-apartheid icon, Nelson Mandela. Affectionately known as Madiba, this political visionary did more than lead a nation – he stood up… Read more »

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Now that the World Cup is over (congratulations Germany) we thought that we would take a look back at the viral campaigns throughout the competition. This World Cup has been great to watch (unless you’re an England fan…); it’s been exciting and there have been some surprises that brands have taken advantage of which led… Read more »