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Manchester has long been the home of an innovative idea – mention the greats of Alan Turing and Sir John Alcock, and it’s not surprising to see why this city has become one of the most coveted locations in the UK. That’s why as we sat in the award-winning eco-inspired headquarters of Manchester Metropolitan University’s… Read more »

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My foray into SEO first began during my position at my local Oxfam; my responsibilities were to update their Facebook and Twitter with current affairs of the not-for-profit organisation. This interest in use of social media led to me casting a wider net into the realms of digital marketing. Prior to my start at Lakestar,… Read more »

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A cyber-threat which generated nearly 20 per cent of the world's spam email has been taken offline, intelligence officers announced yesterday. The Grum botnet was isolated from servers in Russia, the Netherlands and Panama, security experts from Fireeye reported on their website The automated program was found to be the third largest ever created, and… Read more »

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Top retailers are beginning to see the benefits of using Facebook to promote their products, new research shows. A report jointly produced by digital behaviour measurement specialists com Score and the social media site shows that Facebook's news feed is proving highly valuable in helping businesses convey details of product offerings to potential customers, with… Read more »

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Twitter has signalled its intention to become a mainstream brand in the UK, by appointing the PR company run by the renowned Maurice and Charles Saatchi. The move comes just as the microblogging platform is gearing up to handle a surge in interest tied in with the Olympic Games. M&C Saatchi has been given a… Read more »

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Software giant Microsoft has admitted that it broke a European Union ruling by failing to offer users of its Windows 7 operating system a choice of web browsers. It owned up to the breach yesterday in a statement, in which it said: “We have fallen short in our responsibility to do this”, and added: “We… Read more »

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Companies are wasting money on online ads designed to get Facebook users to 'like' them, when the respondents are not interested in their products, a BBC investigation has found. The broadcaster has obtained information which suggests that the identities of many people claiming to endorse products and their makers are bogus, and have been invented… Read more »

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A strategy for maximising use of the channel and a distinct point of view are essential for businesses which want to earn a following through social media. That was one of the outstanding conclusions reached when leading digital advertising practitioners met at an event to discuss social media trends organised by the Internet Advertising Bureau…. Read more »

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Search engine Bing has rolled out a second major redesign this year, which focuses on delivering quicker and more relevant search results. In a blog post entitled 'Change can be good', Peter Maxmin, head of Bing UK, said: “We want to make your search experience quicker and easier so you can get on with the… Read more »

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Any readers of the blog might have noticed a definitive shift in the direction of this blog towards viral and shareable content – this is not because I’ve lost the plot and just enjoy looking at cat pictures (though I really do), it’s simply because of the oversaturation of SEO blogs that seem to bleat… Read more »