You know what the SEO world needs? Another Google announcement – what with Pigeon making headlines, it’s only fair that the search engine sneaks in its latest development: new dynamic sitelinks. Automatically generated links that appear below your ad text, these are designed to direct customers to a page on your site that’s highly relevant […]… Read Article
Everyone who’s anyone will have acknowledged the immense power that Google holds in the World Wide Web and the influence that it has, with many airing concerns that it manipulates results in order to push its other services and products. Evidence to this effect can even be seen in a previous Lakestar blog post. And […]… Read Article
Global energy firm BP is using Google AdWords in an effort to help stem the tide of bad publicity that has washed up on its shore following the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. According to news agency AFP, the company has already spent $1.25bn on containing the spill, which occurred following an explosion […]… Read Article
Paid search adverts are already playing their part in trying to sway the voting public ahead of this year’s general election. The Prime Minister Gordon Brown is expected to announce later this morning that the 2010 general election will be held on May 6. He left Downing Street at 10am on Tuesday morning, heading for […]… Read Article
Google is stepping up the service offered to its AdWords customers by allowing them to tailor their advertisements to the most relevant search queries. Comparison Ads allows advertisers to match their ads to exact search terms. As Dan Friedman said on the Inside AdWords blog: "Sometimes a user’s query doesn’t provide enough information for us […]… Read Article