I swear, everything on the internet eventually leads to cats. A productive day at work can instantly be sidetracked by the hilarity of cats. Any cat can achieve viral status on the internet and no one would be angry or sick of it – but why? If you’re a habitual internet user, like myself, you’re […]… Read Article
Billion dollar Facebook deal shows increasing promise in digital property and apps, but not everyone is happy…   Instagram goes mainstream; hipsters angered; and app designers simultaneously slap their foreheads whilst muttering “Why didn’t I think of that?” But, what exactly does this mean?   As I’m sure you’ve heard (because social media is pretty […]… Read Article
PhotoShelter, the leader in websites and online tools for serious photographers, has released Google Analytics for Photographers, a free, downloadable kit designed to help photographers succeed online. This kit contains comprehensive guidance – specifically for photographers – on how to implement and make sense of Google’s powerful tool for monitoring website traffic. The kit can […]… Read Article
In the world of digital/social mapping, Google Maps seem to be the first choice. In the world of photo sharing, however, Yahoo! Flickr has been holding the reins. Now the two come together, thanks to the recent development from Google Maps. As Barry Schwarz and Matt McGee reported for Search Engine Land just days ago, […]… Read Article