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Day one at SAScon was interesting and insightful and day two was the same. We went to talks from some of the most knowledgeable people in the industry and took away a large amount of information to share with you all. And as a bonus to all the information we absorbed, we also got some free sweets…

Here are some highlights from day 2:

Keynote 2: The Evolution of SEO and SEOs

Martin Macdonald, head of SEO at Orbitz Worldwide

  • “ – Predicting where we’re going, requires an interest of where we came from”
  • We learned that while SEOs have often felt that Google has been almost forcing us to “play by the rules”, it’s has actually made us better marketers
  • Technical SEO and marketing need to work together because rankings can’t exist without technical SEO, but rankings won’t be valuable without marketing Some advice for aspiring digital marketers:
  • Learn everything about digital marketing, PPC, SEO, display and content, but concentrate on being an expert in one Keynote 2 photoshop

Quality content on scale

Stacey MacNaught, search director at TecMark

If there’s one thing we took from this session, it’s that we can create 108 ideas in just 30 minutes. Cue, 6-3-5 Brainwriting, a brainstorming strategy created by Professor Bernd Rohrback in 1968.

You’ll need: – 6 people (or as many as you want… too many could get complicated, though) – A question or a problem – A 5 minute timer Each of the 6 people writes down 3 ideas, after 5 minutes the sheet gets passed on to different team members who then write down 3 more ideas and the end result produces 108 ideas in 30 minutes. Win!

Measuring ROI from content

Claire Hill, MD at Content Marketing Association, Catherine Maskell, head of marketing at Reed and Jamie Toward, head of content at MEC

  • Content marketing has given brands the opportunity to keep in touch with the reader in a way that allows the reader to be in control of what they are looking for.
  • It’s one to one communication that builds relationships between brands and their audience
  • As marketers we need to think about how we ourselves communicate with brands
  • Content is geared to driving sales, but its role in boosting awareness and exposure is often overlooked
  • The future of content is audio-visual and it’s estimated that 79% of traffic will be video by 2017
Measuring ROI from content photoshop

Search marketing beyond Google: What’s new in shopping ads and ‘buy buttons’

Fabrice Michel, Blueclaw and Ann Stanley, Annica Digital

  • Shopping and buy buttons are even more complex than we think
  • Most ads require a product feed and have conversion tracking pixels
  • Google’s Tag Manager can help
  • Use feed management software

Keynote 4: Get A Better Idea of How To Use Social Media in a Fun Way and How to Measure It

Yossi Erdmam, head of brand and social media at

  • Quick and easy competitions promote new products and increased user engagement
  • Customer video reviews and TV adverts featuring real customers are relatable and honest
  • Customer service is also important on social media and can be very powerful
  • The customer service team are fully trained on social media and must respond to queries and comments within 5 minutes
  • Drivers who receive both positive and negative feedback on social media are featured in a monthly booklet which is distributed to employees to encourage better customer service. If they receive a high number of positive comments they receive a letter from the CEO

So there you have it, our key takeaways from SAScon 2015 day 2, as always it was a pleasure. Let us know what you thought of this year’s SAScon by commenting below.