I swear, everything on the internet eventually leads to cats. A productive day at work can instantly be sidetracked by the hilarity of cats. Any cat can achieve viral status on the internet and no one would be angry or sick of it – but why? If you’re a habitual internet user, like myself, you’re […]… Read Article
Link bait is the holy grail of content – the quickest way to gain links organically and legitimately, and ultimately provide a long-term linkable asset that nigh outweighs any other method. Link bait can be anything from an article to a picture, video, podcast, presentation, mp3 – as long as it’s unique and fresh content […]… Read Article
Have you ever seen enticing and interesting headlines appearing in your news feed, and clicked on them only to be greeted by this app? It’s an infuriating experience and feels quite privacy-invasive, particularly when it states that ‘This app may post on your behalf’. This is the current state of what has come to be […]… Read Article
Music videos are once more available to YouTube viewers in the UK, after a six–month absence due to a dispute over payments to artists. The Google–owned music streaming site has settled a dispute with PRS for Music, the group which represents the rights of songwriters, which should see British music videos back on YouTube soon. […]… Read Article
Even if the title of the post seems startling, the contents of this mammoth presentation highlights the conundrum in which we sometimes find ourselves today. Whereas to some “Digital Marketing” means cultivating a virgin land, for others this is an oxymoron. Rather than debate whether technology defines the world or vice versa, Helge Tenno looked […]… Read Article
We have just debuted on SlideShare (find us and fave us), and we hope to make our contribution to the community a valuable one. So, we started by analysing blog queries and found out that quite a few people were wondering about how to add RSS feeds from external blogs to Facebook pages. We seized […]… Read Article