In the online world, it can be easy to get sucked into the mindset that Google is the ‘big cheese’ which has to be kept happy if your website is to enjoy any degree of visibility. This conclusion can be an obvious one to come to when you consider that and’s share of […]… Read Article
Last viral post, I’ll do I, I swear. But crikey, what a year we’ve had – and what better way to sum it up than with my top 10 viral videos of 2012. This is not a definitive list and is simply based on what I’ve seen on the web in my own browsing experience […]… Read Article
And after the thrill ride that was Part 1, we come hurtling onto Part 2 of the most influential viral videos on YouTube. I think the best part of writing this is colleagues coming to my desk and asking what on earth I’m doing.   Charlie Schmidt’s Keyboard Cat! - 28,156,086 views Case in point – […]… Read Article
Once again, I find myself talking about YouTube, and with good cause – it’s perhaps one of the biggest forms of social media outside of Facebook and Twitter and holds so many video gems that you can’t ignore it. And with it being owned by Google, there’s definitive power within. However, predicting what’s going to […]… Read Article
Firstly, huge congratulations go to Barack Obama for a second win in the US Election, made this blog writer feel a sense of happiness about our American brethren… However, how did Obama get there? With a super-storm disrupting the campaign trail and a large amount of public appearances from both parties, what was the tipping […]… Read Article
Now that 10-6 are out of the way, let’s move onto the true marketing catastrophes. These upcoming viral marketing disasters didn’t just fail – they completely missed the mark, overlooked the real demographic and/or damaged the overall brand. Bear in mind, these were taken on by serious marketing companies and expected to drive traffic, sales and results. […]… Read Article
Well we’re into the final stretch now, which surely means that we’re at the very pinnacle of quality and assured entertainment – I was let down last week by The Annoying Orange, but at least number 5 this week is someone I genuinely enjoy! As a bit of forewarning, almost all of these upcoming channels […]… Read Article
Well we’ve made it to number 10 without meeting anything too unbearable – thankfully Fred has dropped to 23 so I don’t have to suffer that. Surely the top 10 are going to be the pinnacles in video entertainment, boasting fine videography and A-grade humour… right? Oh right, number 10 is a talking orange.   […]… Read Article
Well now we have the top #20-#16 covered, it’s time to move further down the list. Will this mean an increase in overall quality or will my brain ache from insufferable video-makers? Let’s find out!   15. MysteryGuitarMan – 2,062,947 subscribers, 321,831,206 views Who is MysteryGuitarMan? Oh this makes me dead happy! Ahem, compose yourself, […]… Read Article
Last night, whilst enjoying a cup of tea and some hobnobs, I hadn’t noticed the clock for quite a while. It was coming up to 1AM. Last time I looked I’m sure it was around 9pm. It happened again – another evening lost to YouTube. Perhaps one of the most important and influential sites on […]… Read Article