BBC research questions value of Facebook likes and clicks

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Companies are wasting money on online ads designed to get Facebook users to 'like' them, when the respondents are not interested in their products, a BBC investigation has found. The broadcaster has obtained information which suggests that the identities of many people claiming to endorse products and their makers are bogus, and have been invented… Read more »

Complainant in EU Google anti-trust case warns of ‘vampire effect’ of search giant’s dominance

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The boss of a company which is taking on Google in the European courts in an effort to clear up suspicions of anti-competitive practices says new scientific evidence shows that Google's placing of images in advertisements for its own products on search results pages means they attract up to 80 per cent of the clicks… Read more »

Firms in dark over co-ordinating their online messages, survey finds

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A quarter of British businesses feel their efforts to get their messages across to customers are being hampered by their lack of a clear strategy for communicating with them through digital channels. Only one in three marketing people working in the retail and general business sectors believed they were 'excellent' or 'good' at getting marketing… Read more »

Facebook and Twitter face off for UK small business advertisers

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Facebook and Twitter are in a direct battle to attract new interest from small and medium-sized British businesses, after both launched incentives including free advertising. Facebook yesterday launched a scheme it calls 'Business Boost'. It offers companies and individual business owners who recruit more than 50 fans £20 towards the cost of display advertising, with… Read more »

Survey result questions Facebook’s commitment to display ads

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In news which will come as a blow to Facebook ahead of the public offering of shares in the company, research has shown that click-through rates for display advertising on the site lag well behind those for Google's display network. The Google display network is the largest in the world, and lets users place ads… Read more »

Google tests more instant answers for popular searches

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A test being conducted by Google is aiming to deliver faster results for people inputting search terms related to a series of popular culture topics. Film, TV show, celebrity, music, books and sport queries have been targeted with the aim of producing instant results, and according to, eliminating the need for the user to… Read more »

Ad clarity rather than clicks drives PPC success

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The extent to which people can read and understand an online display ad is more important for driving traffic to the advertiser's website than the actual number of clicks. That's the finding of research coming from America, conducted by comScore, the leading measurer of online behaviour. It found that potential customers' ability to clearly view… Read more »

Facebook counters Yahoo’s legal move on patents

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After Yahoo issued legal action last month against Facebook for claimed infringement of several patents, the social media site has countered by filing an action of its own. Facebook's claim centres on 10 patents which it claims Yahoo has breached. It is yet another sign of the increasingly litigious nature of competition over highly-prized patents… Read more »

Google launches Affiliate Network in UK

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Google has today launched its affiliate network in the UK. It means that advertisers will be able to sign up partner businesses to sell their services or products online, and be paid for every tangible result they achieve with their ads. The service combines a number of different features already offered by Google for its… Read more »