Five Ways Businesses Can Get The Most Out Of Facebook

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Facebook Insights

Ah Facebook, a guaranteed topic in any social media discussion – every business aims to get on there and draw 1,000s of fans within a week and drive revenue through call-to-actions and advertising. It’s little surprise then, when so many are discontented with a slow rate of growth and lack of measurable ROI from social… Read more »

Social reader apps appear to plummet in usage, but not due to user experience

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Have you ever seen enticing and interesting headlines appearing in your news feed, and clicked on them only to be greeted by this app? It’s an infuriating experience and feels quite privacy-invasive, particularly when it states that ‘This app may post on your behalf’. This is the current state of what has come to be… Read more »

Is Pinterest the next big thing?

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If you have not heard of Pinterest by now, then you have probably been hiding under some rock somewhere! But, just in case you haven’t, Pinterest is a photo sharing social media site and if reports are anything to go by, looks set to become the biggest social site since Facebook. Despite the fact that Pinterest has been around… Read more »