Sitting in a crowded room until a hush descends upon its participants, the historic neo-Gothic architecture of Manchester’s historic Town Hall is the last place you would expect one of the UK’s leading forward-thinking technology conferences to take up residence in. But just as FutureEverything is full of surprises, so is its line-up – ranging […]… Read Article
Ugh, hashtags. Recently voted as word of the year, ‘Hashtag’ has become a prevailing way to figure out what is popular and what is likely to become viral – it would appear that investigating what is currently trending on Twitter often dictate what becomes news. This can be seen with the recent (and depressing) hashtag […]… Read Article
It’s been a while since I’ve seen a company fall from public favour as quickly as Instagram recently have done. After being purchased by Facebook for a cool $1bn in September, it enjoyed a growth in traffic and success… then in December; it cut ties with Twitter as it wanted “its users to view their […]… Read Article
Neat graph, huh? Browsers usage data gathered from So why have I made this? Well, I feel like a mini-rant. Let me explain… Last weekend I went home to visit my folks for a wedding and as we loaded up the address of where to find the venue, I was horrified to see that […]… Read Article
Now that 10-6 are out of the way, let’s move onto the true marketing catastrophes. These upcoming viral marketing disasters didn’t just fail – they completely missed the mark, overlooked the real demographic and/or damaged the overall brand. Bear in mind, these were taken on by serious marketing companies and expected to drive traffic, sales and results. […]… Read Article
A viral marketing campaign can prove to be one of the most successful strategies for increasing brand exposure and gaining a steady number of natural links from typically authoritative sources. However, it’s never as simple as releasing a company video or just dancing in public, and for every successful campaign, there’s a heapload that either […]… Read Article
Well, after Aurora sang her praises of Pinterest, I feel I should give it a chance to impress me and dig down into the essence of the site. Now, I fully appreciate the appeal and draw of Pinterest and that it really can be a time-vampire, but there are some blatant shortcomings that instantly jump […]… Read Article
Well we’ve made it to number 10 without meeting anything too unbearable – thankfully Fred has dropped to 23 so I don’t have to suffer that. Surely the top 10 are going to be the pinnacles in video entertainment, boasting fine videography and A-grade humour… right? Oh right, number 10 is a talking orange.   […]… Read Article
Well now we have the top #20-#16 covered, it’s time to move further down the list. Will this mean an increase in overall quality or will my brain ache from insufferable video-makers? Let’s find out!   15. MysteryGuitarMan – 2,062,947 subscribers, 321,831,206 views Who is MysteryGuitarMan? Oh this makes me dead happy! Ahem, compose yourself, […]… Read Article
The internet, as we know it, is a relatively old creature now – we all know that a primitive version existed way back in the 1950s with point-to-point communication, but it wasn’t until the mid-1990s that it gained a commercial and public significance. And in these tumultuous two decades, we’ve had the highs and the […]… Read Article