Manchester has long been the home of an innovative idea – mention the greats of Alan Turing and Sir John Alcock, and it’s not surprising to see why this city has become one of the most coveted locations in the UK. That’s why as we sat in the award-winning eco-inspired headquarters of Manchester Metropolitan University’s […]… Read Article
Sitting in a crowded room until a hush descends upon its participants, the historic neo-Gothic architecture of Manchester’s historic Town Hall is the last place you would expect one of the UK’s leading forward-thinking technology conferences to take up residence in. But just as FutureEverything is full of surprises, so is its line-up – ranging […]… Read Article
Ugh, hashtags. Recently voted as word of the year, ‘Hashtag’ has become a prevailing way to figure out what is popular and what is likely to become viral – it would appear that investigating what is currently trending on Twitter often dictate what becomes news. This can be seen with the recent (and depressing) hashtag […]… Read Article
It’s been a while since I’ve seen a company fall from public favour as quickly as Instagram recently have done. After being purchased by Facebook for a cool $1bn in September, it enjoyed a growth in traffic and success… then in December; it cut ties with Twitter as it wanted “its users to view their […]… Read Article
Neat graph, huh? Browsers usage data gathered from So why have I made this? Well, I feel like a mini-rant. Let me explain… Last weekend I went home to visit my folks for a wedding and as we loaded up the address of where to find the venue, I was horrified to see that […]… Read Article
Now that 10-6 are out of the way, let’s move onto the true marketing catastrophes. These upcoming viral marketing disasters didn’t just fail – they completely missed the mark, overlooked the real demographic and/or damaged the overall brand. Bear in mind, these were taken on by serious marketing companies and expected to drive traffic, sales and results. […]… Read Article
A viral marketing campaign can prove to be one of the most successful strategies for increasing brand exposure and gaining a steady number of natural links from typically authoritative sources. However, it’s never as simple as releasing a company video or just dancing in public, and for every successful campaign, there’s a heapload that either […]… Read Article
Well, after Aurora sang her praises of Pinterest, I feel I should give it a chance to impress me and dig down into the essence of the site. Now, I fully appreciate the appeal and draw of Pinterest and that it really can be a time-vampire, but there are some blatant shortcomings that instantly jump […]… Read Article
Well we’ve made it to number 10 without meeting anything too unbearable – thankfully Fred has dropped to 23 so I don’t have to suffer that. Surely the top 10 are going to be the pinnacles in video entertainment, boasting fine videography and A-grade humour… right? Oh right, number 10 is a talking orange.   […]… Read Article
Well now we have the top #20-#16 covered, it’s time to move further down the list. Will this mean an increase in overall quality or will my brain ache from insufferable video-makers? Let’s find out!   15. MysteryGuitarMan – 2,062,947 subscribers, 321,831,206 views Who is MysteryGuitarMan? Oh this makes me dead happy! Ahem, compose yourself, […]… Read Article