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Where would we be without search engines? The internet would be an absolute nightmare and about as effective as searching for a single book in a library of a billion books – of course we have all our favourite domains to surf on, such as www.facebook.com and www.twitter.com, but how do we find them?

Now, in my days of browsing, I used to use a wee little search aggregator called Metacrawler, because I was told it was “better than Google” by the engineer who installed our home PC – it probably was at the time, but my switch to Google was a good one.

Now it seems that there are only 3 contenders in the search engine market – Google, Yahoo and Bing. However, look a bit further and you’ll see there’s a veritable bounty of them, so let’s dissect the top 10 most popular worldwide search engines.

And as to be expected, let’s start with #10…



10. Webcrawler

Clinging on to the number ten spot is WebCrawler, owned by the same people as Dogpile, you can imagine our verdict. Indeed, it is utter DogPile. One advantage of WebCrawler, however is the fact that it also includes multimedia results in its SERP’S… it’s nothing fantastic, but it does break up the endless amount of text on the screen. With an average of just under 3 million searches a month, we wouldn’t recommend spending too much of your valuable time on this site.


9. Dogpile

It’s no surprise to us that this site is where it is… Let’s face it, who thought naming a search engine “Dogpile” would ever be good for visitor numbers? In fact, this site does nothing for us! Its aim is to bring together the content from the 3 main Search engines (Listed above) and display it in a way that you have the most relevant,  up to date results possible, without any duplication ( a process known as Metasearch)… This sounds great, doesn’t it? In reality however, things are different. Search results are patchy, and content is repeated over, and over, and over again.


8. Lycos

In at number eight is Lycos. We love Lycos, its user-friendly interface, and modern looks are great. We just wish it got the attention it deserves. With some quirky features such as video chat and new improved mail, Lycos should definitely be a tool in our online marketing arsenal. Having a chequered past, Lycos is now only worth an estimated $9 million… Poor Lycos. As one of the first real search engines (founded in 1994) we really do believe Lycos deserves a second chance.


7. Blekko

Advertised as “the spam free search engine”, Blekko is a real contender in the social meets search sector. Their fresh faced approach to providing users with relevant, appropriate content is refreshing. Since its creation in 2007, Blekko has managed to raise $24 Million in venture capital, and receives an average of 9 million searches per month. Relying on a team of editors, to approve quality sites, proves that the future of search could be moving away from fully algorithm controlled engines. These are exciting times… Watch this space!


6. MyWebSearch

We’re not even joking, our browser security picked this up as spyware!

Well, we are not quite sure why MyWebSearch is here. Initially we hadn’t even heard of this engine, and after a little research we’re pretty glad we hadn’t… so we know never to use it! Simply put, it’s spammy, we don’t like spammy. Surprisingly, MyWebSearch does get a fair amount of traffic, averaging 19 Million searches per month, but we suspect this is through the Toolbar, which is notoriously difficult to remove from your machine, once installed. Successful as it may seem to be, this is just nasty malware.



So there we have it, a whistle stop tour of the top ten Search engine sites on the web. So, what’s our verdict? Well, we are still major Google fans, and there are very few reasons not to be, but we did find a few hidden gems when compiling this list. Mainly in the form of Blekko, whose pioneering approach to search really impressed us. We have a feeling these guys are going to go far, and credit to Lycos, who’s facelift, and strong tie to entertainment and showbiz news left us feeling a little nostalgic.


On Thursday, we’ll count down from 5-1. Of search engines, I mean, not just the numbers.

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