Google has finally blogged about the changes to its search pages which have now been rolled out following widespread testing. The company has made a number of changes, including a new logo which it describes as “lighter, brighter and simpler”. Jon Wiley, senior user experience designer, said: “We took the very best qualities of our […]… Read Article
Google is trialling a new feature in its Keyword Tool which has been designed to help people “get more relevant search traffic estimates for their keywords”. It is part of an updated version of Keyword Tool (currently in Beta), utilised during Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and paid search (PPC) campaigns to identify potential keyword targets […]… Read Article
The marketing opportunities offered by Apple’s iPad and other tablet computers will be “immense”, according to UK industry body the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB). A report released today which runs through the potential avenues for UK advertisers  to consider once the iPad is released, concludes that companies should be looking to act now to help […]… Read Article
Opponents of the government’s controversial Digital Economy Bill are waiting to hear whether the proposed legislation will enter the “wash-up” before parliament is dissolved ahead of the general election. The bill has drawn fierce criticism from opponents who are concerned over the plans to cut off some internet users who download pirated content. Prime Minister […]… Read Article
Mozilla, the company behind Firefox, has released a new version of its web browser following a security warning issued by the German government. The German Federal Office for Security in Information Technology said people should stop using Firefox due to security concerns. It is the second time this year the body has made such a warning. […]… Read Article
The European Court of Justice is expected to make a ruling next week over whether Google’s keyword advertising business infringes firms’ copyright. Companies including Louis Vuitton say the Adwords service run by Google, which allows online retailers to buy keywords including brand names, leads to infringements of their company trademarks. Adwords works by advertisers bidding […]… Read Article
The Nexus One smartphone from Google is likely to launch in the UK next month, sources close to the company have confirmed. Sources close to Google and Vodafone told The Daily Telegraph that the Nexus One has a realistic chance of being released in April. The newspaper suggests Vodafone was ideally looking for a March launch, […]… Read Article
The number of small business owners in America who are using social media has doubled in the past year. Research carried out at the University of Maryland’s Smith School of Business found 24 per cent of small firms are now utilising social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter compared with 12 per cent last year. […]… Read Article
Google has confirmed the acquisition of San Francisco-based social search company Aardvark. The start-up firm, which was founded in 2007, runs a website offering a question and answer service. Ask a question and Aardvark will go through your existing network of Facebook friends to find people most likely to know the answer. Speaking to Reuters, […]… Read Article