After Yahoo issued legal action last month against Facebook for claimed infringement of several patents, the social media site has countered by filing an action of its own. Facebook's claim centres on 10 patents which it claims Yahoo has breached. It is yet another sign of the increasingly litigious nature of competition over highly-prized patents […]… Read Article
The vacant seat at the top of search engine company Yahoo is set to be taken by the current top dog at PayPal, reports from America suggest. President of the online payments company, Scott Thompson, will be formally named as the successor to Carol Bartz, three months after Bartz was fired, Reuters news agency says. […]… Read Article
Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL have announced a joint partnership to sell online advertising, in a bid to counter the growing threats from Google and Facebook. Under the agreement, each of the parties to the deal will be able to sell display advertising on each others' websites and online properties. The deal is expected to take […]… Read Article
Search engine company Yahoo has taken a pioneering step in becoming the first such organisation to explain to users in Europe how it uses visitors’ personal information to target the advertisements it shows them when they are browsing. Users will see a small ‘Ad Choices’ icon on the display advertising they are shown as a […]… Read Article
After England’s far from convincing start to the Cricket World Cup, scraping a victory against the minnows from Holland, the number of fans tempted to keep up to date with the team’s progress via online news feeds might well already be dwindling. Nevertheless, search engine and news aggregator Yahoo! is promising to feed fans’ hunger for […]… Read Article
With internet search engine activity experiencing a massive rise in 2010, both Google and Bing registered substantial increases in their search volumes. But new figures, published in online statistics specialist comScore’s 2010 US Digital Year in Review, suggest that, while Google saw the total volume of searches through its American site rise by 13 per […]… Read Article
An argument between the world’s two biggest search engines has intensified, after Google posted evidence on its blog suggesting that rival Bing was copying certain of its search results. It claims that it has carried out tests using mis-spellings of complex words and terms, which showed that, after Google had posted amended results covering the […]… Read Article
Financial news services across America were set buzzing over the weekend by a Wall Street Journal report suggesting that AOL had given finance experts the task of investigating the viability of joining forces with rival Yahoo! Advisers are said in the report to have been outlining how such a merger might work, and whether and […]… Read Article
The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has received the support of the search engine industry as it prepares to adopt an extended remit. From March 1, 2011 the ASA will have powers to rule on advertising practices used on corporate websites, mobile apps and social networks. When the new powers come into force, Google, Yahoo and […]… Read Article