Conversion Rate Optimisation


Improve the conversion rate on the site, focusing on optimising car & deals pages towards the bottom of the conversion funnel.


Men and Women aged 24-39 interested in either personal or business car leasing.


  • Collated visual analytics data of users on site (heat, click and scroll maps) to gain an insight into how visitors were interacting with different key elements throughout the conversion funnel.
  • Ran a usability lab for 9 demographically targeted participants to watch interact with the site, going through a number of typical user journeys.


  • Uncovered 45 different items to be A/B or multivariate tested.
  • A number of strong results, in particular a revision of CTAs on the different forms leading to a 20% increase in form submissions.


“The breadth of talent and experience that Lakestar have at their disposal enabled them to add value to our projects beyond the contributions of their individual teams: the SEO team provided search-focussed refinements to the CRO activity; the PPC team were able to provide rich statistical insights to support the SEO efforts. This allowed them to take a holistic approach to our projects and to create some highly beneficial synergies. They also displayed great flexibility and were able to rebalance different resources as the strategic priorities of our business changed.”

Philip Gray, Head of IT at