Miller Homes is the UK’s largest privately owned housing developer. With over 75 years experience, this multi award winning company operates in an extremely competitive industry sector.

Paid Search (PPC)


The key elements of the brief were to:

  • Ensure the seamless transition of the existing PPC campaign
  • Increase the number of enquiries via PPC working to strict Cost Per Enquiry targets
  • Increase general online visibility to amplify brand awareness

“Online marketing is an important focus for our business so SEO and PPC form an integral part of our marketing strategy. We are delighted with the work that Lakestar McCann has carried out so far, and we are looking forward to seeing what they can achieve going forward.”
Sue Warwick, National Sales & Marketing Director


The PPC campaign was transitioned “as is” whilst a more intricate account, containing a wider spread of regional and brand campaigns was created in parallel to ensure highly focused, national coverage. The complex set up stage of the campaign alone took in excess of 18 hours to complete. Extensive keyword research was carried out to establish which keywords and phrases should be targeted. Transfer to the new account structure took place without any loss of traffic.

The account structure was designed to reflect the complex regional nature of Miller’s housing developments and localised search activity. This made it possible to target each location with regionalised adverts to make the campaign highly focused and manageable. The campaign was continually optimised with budget being reallocated accordingly.


  • The Cost Per Enquiry was reduced by 67% during the first month of the campaign
  • By the fourth phase of the campaign, the cost per enquiry levels had been reduced by 76% of previous average cost
  • Consistent improvement of ROI