Display Advertising


  • Create overall brand growth online using various display partnerships
  • Use display advertising as a more efficient channel to develop THMG brand
  • Generate reach and engagement with a prospecting audience


  • Use standard display placements across premium placements
  • Target an audience relevant to THMG brand by using significant online placements (Cosmo, Glamour, Men’s Health)
  • Supported all activity with network campaigns to drive traffic and enquiry volumes


  • Brand traffic increased 12% YoY
  • Brand enquiries increased 12% YoY
  • Brand expenditure decreased 68% YoY


Conversion Rate Optimisation


We were asked to undertake a project to increase the number of enquiries made on the website Audience


Women aged 18-34


Conducted a variety of qualitative and quantitative research and insight methods in order to gain a thorough understanding of user behaviour on the website. These includes web analytics reviews; visual analytics – heat, click & scroll maps; and usability labs

Our User Experience team also performed a cognitive walkthrough of the website in order to identify usability and psychological barriers, and make recommendations for our A/B testing activity


  • Including Call To Actions within clinic pages drove an additional 37% of visitors to the enquiry form
  • Changed the design of the primary Call To Action on the homepage, including incentivised microcopy saw an additional 26% of visitors landing on the enquiry form