Welcome to the latest edition of The Truth About Search, which is now in its third year.

The response we’ve had to the previous two editions has been incredibly positive from both our existing clients and prospective clients and, from conversations we’ve had, it feels that many of the points we’ve highlighted are real issues for anyone involved in search.

The past two years have seen evolution and development of trends in search such as content over link building, mobile performance and user experience. We believe that organisations need to think harder about what content represents as a whole, and who owns which aspects of the content mix when it comes to search.

While these themes are continuing to develop in 2017, we also see some trends rising in importance that everyone in the search community will have to get to grips with.

Voice search is making search queries more conversational leading to, from a rankings perspective, an increased need to understand what customers and visitors are asking, and to be able to position content to meet these needs. We also need to understand how Google is feeding such data back into their own algorithms e.g. through Google’s Knowledge Graph.

Mobile user-experience, and how content is presented on mobile devices vs. desktop devices, is fast becoming a major ranking factor in the major search engines with raised importance of looking at ‘mobile first’ in 2017. We also look at what social sentiment and paid search have to do with organic ranking as well as some other insights.

We hope you find our views interesting and useful with regard to helping you shape your search strategy for 2017. Feel free to get in touch and have a conversation about how we could work with you to address the challenges you are facing and the opportunities you’ve identified for the year ahead.

Neil Yeomans
Search Director
McCann Connected

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