Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing works by rewarding third-party advertisers who help grow your business by driving customers to your website. If managed properly it will lead to an increase in sales conversions and heightened brand awareness across the web.

At Lakestar McCann we make sure your company’s reach across the internet is as wide as possible by developing a lucrative affiliate network. A streamlined and efficient programme has the ability to deliver a large volume of sales most companies would otherwise miss out on. Lakestar McCann ensures your network is carefully controlled in order to provide quality leads and achieve maximum revenue generation.

How Lakestar McCann can maximise revenue through an affiliate network

Constantly increasing your company’s global reach:

  • Lakestar McCann reviews new affiliate recruitment on a regular basis to ensure continuous growth and maximise sales opportunities.
  • Every new affiliate is vetted before joining your programme in order to maintain the level of quality and control

Managing your virtual sales force:

  • Affiliate networks need to be constantly monitored to ensure quality leads are passed on. Our account managers will manage restrictions placed on affiliates on the programme, and ensure quality control is maintained.
  • Our experience enables us to generate fresh ideas for affiliates to maintain interest and help them reach their potential.
  • We will focus on affiliates who are not performing and provide them with advice and resources in order to increase their activity and ultimately your sales.

Communication is key:

  • We have developed strong working relationships with the UK’s major affiliates and affiliate networks.
  • Our account managers will maintain regular contact with affiliates through various means including affiliate newsletters, MSN, email, phone and face to face meetings.
  • We provide frequent reports on affiliate activity to allow customers to accurately gauge the success of their campaigns.
Need some friendly advice about Affiliate Marketing?

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